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    I have both issues in both horses, I have Ozzie 19yo back when I was eventing me he use to swing the float into oncoming traffic on the way home, I solved that by buying a truck lol so I just stuck a band aid on the issue. Barney 9yo is a pawer when I slow downed and stopped on way home. I gave him high quality oaten and not a sound from him on the way there or home until we go up the long driveway and I try to park. I took him to the beach and he was too tired to try it :) lol I got this advice from John O'Leary:
    Hi Andrea. Are you sure he is not doing it due to fear of turning??? You have to be sure of that of course. Have you got a Camera in the Truck???? If it is pawing that he is doing, due to a lack of patience, tie a large Bolt to a piece of twine, around above his knee and hanging half way down Cannon Bone and he should work out that he is causing his own discomfort and to be in control of it. Again however, put a Camera in the Truck. Of course, you must be sure nothing is bothering him inside the Truck. Lack of view, noises, smell and so on. Regards
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    Bit of a update.. I have tried to aviod floating my fella since but did try him on a friends float. He was much better in hers but when we returned home (on his own) he started moving around when we stopped. Not as bad as in my float but still wasnt 100% happy.

    Then the other day I had to move him so he could go for a spell. I loaded my new lease fella (awesome floater) on and took him with us. My little one didnt move a muscle... so it looks like whereever I go for awhile I will be dragging a buddy with me :rolleyes: Horses hey.. they never set out to make our life easy do they.
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    6 months since I last posted about this.

    He hasnt been on the float that much in that time as he had a spell then I was busy with another horse.

    Floated him a fair bit with another horse and didnt have many dramas, unfortunately it's just when he is on his own.

    I dont have another to float with him now so we are venturing into just trying to do it alone for awhile, I am also trying to take him more regulary in a hope that his anxiety will ease.

    I have a few ideas such as blocking out the windows and also putting a mirror as such (not a glass one of course) in the float so he can see his reflection.

    He doesnt move as much travelling now more so when we stop, he is anxious and impatient to get out. Quite embarrassing showing up at places with a horse banging away in the float but I just ignore it :eek:
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    Just read through the whole post.. everyone gave such great ideas!

    I still have my same float, sadly funds just wont allow another to be purchased.

    He will self load now with me standing to the side of the tail gate. He also waits to come out- so I suppose some things have improved!

    I now have more time with just one horse so will be concentrating on his floating more now. Time to make the float boring and unexciting for him I think..
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    My floats tailgate rattled a little bit so hubby glued foam up the top to make the tailgate stop moving when closed also I have used a neck strap and then crossed tied to the front.

    My mare went through a stage over a couple of months of not standing still jumping around she even fell over in a double slid under the middle bar and got stuck much to say it took us ages and dismantling the float to get her out lucky she escaped with only minor scratches and soreness. We worked out she is better in a fully enclosed float as she was constantly trying to look behind her and then panicking at trucks due to the noise they make.

    She travels in a fully enclosed wide single tandem axle float happy as now as she can brace herself against the sides never moves a inch gets excited when I pull the float out now.:)

    I have even taken a ride in the float (someone else drove) around the block to make sure the float didn't rattle make to much noise. You would be surprised at what you discover.

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