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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by blondeshowjumper, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Yes Cav BUT there were over 50 hacks competing in that class, if the judge was going to snub their nose up at a quality animal because of the saddle then more fool the judge. I would have rathered her go out and "work her magic" in a lightweight synthetic saddle than go sore, hollow and jam up in pain just too look the part, then have all the negative comments on the sidelines "OOOOO look at how sore and unsound that horse is"#(#(
  2. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Oh I totally understand your point, and totally agree, I would rather my horse be happy than unsound and unhappy for sure but was just making a point that many years ago, the fashions of gear and attire were not as critiqued as they are today. :)*
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    This is true we certainly are anal about how we look and present that is for sure, but that is why we love it or we wouldn't be putting ourselves through all the expense, blood, sweat and tears to go out looking like a dogs dinner just a waste of time, money and energy:)
  4. misskel

    misskel Well-known Member

    What a great read this thread has been **) A lot of great advice and some entertaining posts too lol

    I too have just done the MAJOR task of outfitting myself and my new horse and let me tell you while I did bargain hunt it has still cost me a small fortune. I got a great 2nd hand saddle as I'd sold my old one. It was only $500 and its worn in and beautiful to ride in.... No need to spend thousands there, many saddleries stock second hand stuff you just have to keep an eye out.

    Its been a hard road to get it all sorted but its going to be worth it on Sunday when we go out YAY!!!!

    Oh and we'll be doing the unofficial until next year. Because we can lol
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Good for you Kel you get out there and show em how it's done**) xx
  6. blondeshowjumper

    blondeshowjumper New Member

    PMSL.... no not yet. Has motivated me to get my s*** together and aim for it =D

    Havent posted much... but ive read all the other posts like a million times, and have gotten soooo much out of it.
  7. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    A little bit off track but....

    Are you going to Riverside Misskel? What does your boy look like I will be in the same ring. Will have to say Hi :)
  8. misskel

    misskel Well-known Member

    Hi Lakota, yes we are going to Riverside, my boy is a small hack, black and very coooot!! His name is Cheeky Bull but haven't yet decided on a show name. How about your pony....
  9. misskel

    misskel Well-known Member

    Blondeshowjumper you just have to do what you are comfortable with, if its unofficial then good for you but if official is what you would like to aim for then go for it!!!! Have a great time and always remember to enjoy yourself :D
  10. Oh def.
    Im not gonna lie. all the money and effort that gets put in I go home disapointed if I do not win. and I do have the what a waste of money going through my head so cav you are correct :)

    Brown Just looks better. Even on greys tbh :}
  11. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons a we bit..
    I was pencilling at Waroona lat weekend and 1 lady was showing her hack in a treeless saddle. She got 2nds and 3rds so not too bad!!

    Personally I think it's a load of Bull - but that's why I would never hack. I do admire those of you that do though
  12. Do you mean early 2000 at the GN? Cos I don't ever remember more than 50 horses in the over 15 section at the WA SHC HOTY, which would have been in late 2000 anyway?
  13. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    Blondeshowjumper - I'm unofficial on a Galloway who, 4 or 5 years ago, was official.. He belongs to my friend who rides officially so he is always done up with make up and the whole kit and kaboodle, just like his official friend.. Somewhere in there it's said to update your gear, agreed, maybe start to ride in a double, not as hard as it may seem, I was freaked out at first but my friend wanted me to ride in a double.. I even got champion at my first show.. I/ the owners have been approached coz it's been thought we were official coz of how good we turn the horses out.. We won't go official coz he wouldn't do well. An is 18 and I'm just not ready for it either.. I spend a lot of time with my official friend so I sorta know what's involved, and yeh not ready for it.. Maybe when i get my own horse :) but good luck to you whatever you decide :)

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