Morons on motorbikes, twits in trucks, fools in 4WDs and cretins in cars

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  1. Oh and once as a kid I was riding my horse out alone when a boy on a bike came along and deliberately ride close revving the bike and trying to scare him. My horse flat out bolted on me. Not AWAY from the bike, no he was chasing the bike! Ears flat back and head snaking out. The kid freaked out and took off with both of us (me unwilling!) flat out after him!

    The horse was an ex farm horse and apparently hated dirt bikes, his old owners couldn't ride one near him because he'd 'go' it!

    Never had another problem with that kid either LMAO
  2. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    Haha those are great stories HalcyonStables.

    It just goes to show, respect goes both ways :)
  3. Skittled

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    Unfortunately, this will for ever be the case, no matter how many people are hurt or killed from horse/vehicle encounters. I really think that as riders, its our responsibilty to do the best that we can to desenitise our horses to these idiots (and vent angrily on stockyards... hehehe...) or at least become a good shot while our horses are doing all their wonderful 'bush dressage' movements.
  4. snoopydoo

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    I live in a pretty quiet area but my road is a short cut between the next town and us, so slightly busy..
    yesterday my daughter was riding her new pony in the arena which is beside said road. The idiots from a few properties down came hooning passed in a v loud souped up car. Just as it past our driveway, there was a terrible noise and the wheel came off the car (I kid you not!!) the blokes managed to stop the car next to my arena and the smell was aweful- burnt rubber, metal on bitumin etc etc. The new pony just kept on trotting, and hardly flicked an ear at all the commotion... I think we've picked a good one there!! **)

    After that we decided to go for a plod around the block and had to pass the car which the boys were fixing with power tools etc. Bonnie walked right on passed it without blinking - great!!! :)*
  5. Lokenzo

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    A car or bike hitting a horse won't just hurt horse/rider/machine, the person driving can also be hurt or killed. A cars height is right at the perfect level to take the horses legs out sending the horse straight through the windscreen of the car.

    Not so bright after all! Thankfully, most motorbike riders I have come across have always turned the bike off, let us ride past and then ridden off after. Car drivers on the other hand, probably a 50/50.
  6. LoveLouie

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    It depends who's driving them/riding them, me and my friend where out rising me on my pony her on hers mums 17h horse, we where nearly home at the end of the bridle path when 3 teens on dirt bike came within under a meter o my ponies back leg revving the bikes and yelling, gladly my pony didn't care for the motor bike but was scared of my friends horse rearing infront of him. The worse thing was we where about to cross a road luckily there where no card. A nice story though is I was rising to my old bosses place every car that went past went slowly and if they could they would go on the other side of the road, then I heard a motor bike coming, they parctically came to a stop went really slowly past me waited till they where about 20 meters infront of me and drive off slowly, so there are respectable people out there.
    Here's a story about a car driver, when I was younger I was on a birthday ride with my friend up in the hills, when on the way home I had to get off and adjust something, a kangaroo lept out scared my horse to bits, he bolted(no way I could hold on to him). The first thing I did was call ahead to a riding school that I knew as that's the way we ride past, she went to the highway straight away to look out for him, she saw him coming so went out in the road to flag down cars practically all had stopped except one who just ignored her and he ended up hitting my horse, luckily all horse had was a few scratches, car was a write off driver was fine just angry. His excuse for not stopping was quote" the horse indicated it was going to run behind me" un quote.
  7. capnjack

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    Yep - my dad's colt would try to kill every motorbike he saw. My brother had a small dirtbike in the shed, and he accidently left the shed roller door open on day.. I went down to feed the horses (my horse, mum's horse, and dad's mare and colt) to find Rooster in the shed kicking the carp out of my brother's bike.

    Never did work out why he hated them so much, he had never been chased by them, or really had much to do with them.
  8. carol51

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    i am so lucky my oh loves our horses and doesnt begrudge them anything. both of us take care when passing a horse and rider , usually pull up till they get past safely .
    and we dont ride on the road anymore , i think people in general dont have manners anymore unless they own a horse or know someone who does .
    a lot of people have the ime alright jack F--- you , do they even realise horses came before cars trucks and bikes , and were also part of our defence force. if horses hadnt played a part in our history where would we be today .
    as said it costs nothing to be polite and considerate maybe one day [ and pigs may fly as well]
  9. ShowjumpKid4Eva

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    I consider myself extremely lucky that my horses live where they do - our place backs onto an extremely busy highway with trucks and boats and all sorts going by on a daily basis. Occasionally very noisily!

    Ours are all traffic quiet, although I have been flattened by a youngster [one of her first times out on the roads] when an idiot passed in a loud fast car. Young horse got what-for for it, and then I had to explain to a passerby that I don't care HOW scared my horse is, she's NOT allowed to squash me. Other than that, I haven't had any real 'incidents' with traffic, bar the one bloke who likes to scream abuse as he drives past just because the horses are within 5m of the road.

    I do take perverse pleasure in irritating people who try to get a reaction out of me - by totally ignoring them. Monty and I were out on a long ride yesterday and got the "rev the engine as we draw level with the horse so it spooks and she falls off" treatment. It's incredibly satisfying to just sit there all casual on my horse - reins on the buckle - and ignore the multitudes of idiots. It's usually 4 or 5 young men in a car, sometimes with a girl. The lone blokes are all lovely and respectful.

    I'll never forget the first time I ran across a dirtbike with Latte. Lovely lovely man riding it turned off the engine and let Latte investigate his bike, only turning it back on once we were well past. Never had so much as a nervous blow at a motorbike again after that and I'm ever grateful to that lovely man for giving me the opportunity to show my horse that the loud scary thing wasn't actually going to eat him.

    As a learner driver, and nervous rider, I always ALWAYS slow down and move over for horses. I don't like the idea of 500+kg of muscle and bone coming through my windscreen, and I'm so so careful not to spook the horse out of regard for the rider. When I'm riding, I get off the road if I so much as hear a car coming - assuming, of course, it's physically possible to get off the road. If it isn't, I move as far to the side as humanly possible. Sometimes I stop my horse and turn him around to face the car.

    Interestingly, in my area, you get a lot more respect from drivers if you're riding bareback. Bareback in a halter is even better. Using a strong bit every other driver passes too close, and probably one in 10 tries to provoke a reaction.
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  10. samgard

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    Ive started riding out with a dressage whip just so I can rest it horizontally from my leg because I was getting sick of cars skimming so close, they just about took my leg off!
    The other thing I've noticed are the number of times I've been passed at speed by cars towing horse floats!!!
    On the flip side I am impressed at how many truck drivers and motorcyclists do the right thing :)
    I make sure I always show my appreciation to considerate drivers by smiling and waving, although I have on more than one occassion had a go at people being particularly stupid (beeping horns etc). Its common sense to slow down and give the horse a wide berth but some people are so ignorant.
  11. xXaussiechickyXx

    xXaussiechickyXx Well-known Member

    Considering I ride dirtbikes, and horses (sold my horses for a while, lack of time so went to dirtbikes), I have had my fair share of idiots on bikes while I was on my horse. But having said that, I have had idiots on horses riding on tracks that clearly are for dirtbikes. One particular area, dirtbikes everywhere, tracks with jumps etc. Awesome place, then two ladies rock up with a float and start unloading there horses to take them for out for a ride. Everyone was like...what????? Anyway, we carried on. Ended up coming towards them on one track an hour or so later, we all pulled over and turned off the bikes (I told them too). No wave or thankyou from the horse riders. Didnt stop for them second time round when we past them. Manners goes a long way people.
  12. belle486

    belle486 New Member

    I used to live near the Great Eastern Highway and have people slow right down to look at us riding along. Was all ok until I got followed by carload of blokes throwing beer bottles out the window. I don't think we've galloped home that fast ever again.
    My little old horse did cause injury to insult to a very rude Telstra driver one day. The bloke hooned past, beeping the horn all the way. Thought it was a huge joke to try a make the horse buck and throw me, Jack barely raised an eyebrow. Cursing horse people as he went past (considering I was on a track well off the road). But we met up with him again coming home. The driver zoomed in close to the track and beeped at us again. We calmly walked past, glared at him and Jack, my bright old man, booted two hoofprints into the side of his van. Calmly home again.
    The driver sat there for 20 minutes, probably trying to think of a reason why there were 2 perfectly formed horse-shoe shapes in the side of his van and how he was going to explain THAT to his boss......
    I really miss my old boy.
  13. MAC1992

    MAC1992 New Member

    I don't know if this has been said already as I only read the first page. I was told by my neighbour who works for the shire council that horses actually have right of way because the laws haven't changed in Aus since the early 1900s! This may be wrong but I thought I'd add it in. :D

    Fortunately drivers around me are quite well behaved! This may be because of the crazy girl who will hunt any hoon down that upsets her horse...? Haha.
  14. Thekwie

    Thekwie New Member

    I have the good fortune to live near the Kenilworth entrance to a large tract of state forest that backs through all the way to Jimna. This is regularly used by motorbikes and the odd 4WD, and I must tip my helmet to all the motorbikers who have always slowed down and stopped for us when we are out riding.
    I would particularly like to give Kudos to the 10 or so lads who were out the first day I took my OTT TB out. (Silly me, easter saturday!) All stopped the second they saw us, and at my request let my boy come up and have a look. Then at my request, turned 'em back on and GENTLY revved to let him hear. A couple of them even had a pat.
    Haven't had a problem since, even when we come unexpectedly on the bikes.

    I definately think though, that it is on us to desensitise our horses as much as possible, it's safer for us, and better for the horse in the long run, there is a better chance for a good home if they are quiet about things!
  15. theherd22

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    We live in a very quiet area and most people are great, especially the bike riders we used to have who would switch off their bikes as soon as they saw a horse and invite you to show your horse the bike (even if your horse wasn't upset at all-very nice chaps). But now we have some young hoons who are not nearly as good.

    But the real doozy was about 6 months ago my mother and I were riding along a road we don't tend to go down when we went past a paddock with a horse who promptly went mental (bucking, racing around, screaming, trying to climb the fence, bearing his teeth the works). Neither of our horses have ever had problems with other horses but today they both panicked. Though we had started at the edge of the road we ended up all over the place. The biggest problem is my mother is a beginner and I have very little strength in my legs/ poor balance. A good 5 min after they started panicking and were still going a woman drives up the (long straight) road and instead of stopping and keeping out of the way of the two frantic horses (or taking the other way) she decides to weave through them and carry on her way. She was so close behind my mothers horse her wing mirror was almost touching his tail.
  16. karleee

    karleee New Member

    Motorbike riders where I live are generally quite sensible when it comes to horses... It's the pushbike riders that get on my goat!!
    They have the whole quiet, country road to overtake a horse on (who is on the SIDE of the road), but no, there are some who ride right up next to my horse and ive even had a few brush up against my stirrup irons they were that close!!! :mad:

    And then they look at my strangely when my horse chucks a spazz. :dry:
  17. EJ Annells

    EJ Annells New Member

    Where we live there's an S bend in the road, the young blokes think it's perfect to do donuts and burn outs. At night you can see the lights go flickering around like a light house, scares the life out of the horses and it's dangerous for them to be running around in the dark!

    We had this one moron lose control on his car one night, went through a paddock fence, taking down the whole 100m of post and wire. Came up in the morning to find the fence scattered all over the ground, pieces of car all over our horse-safe paddocks and no notice as to who did it or who was going to fix it! The worst part? We had 4 horses in that paddock, two of them being agisted horses, who love to stand up the top of the hill, exactly where that car went through the fence. So thankful we were strip grazing and they were on the other end of the paddock, behind the hot wire!

    I don't expect everyone to understand that if a horse freaks out you should stop your car etc etc. But doing a "hit and run" of a fence in the middle of the night?? Morons I say.

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