More than 1000 racehorses die while racing or training in the United States each year

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Noelle, Mar 26, 2012.

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    I felt physically ill to see what they did with the Teller All Gone's body in New Mexico
    just shows how much "love" they have for their animals.

    "Iowa?s fatality rate rose by more than 50 percent after the state in 2007 allowed a higher level of bute."

    I heard there are going to be more stories coming in The Times over the next few days.
  3. Ali

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    I've just read the article and watched the video. Its disgusting what they are doing over there. I'm shocked at the amount of drugs that are used within their racing. Its amazing any jockeys are even still keen to ride the horses when they know full well that the horse could be as lame as a dog yet so dosed up on drugs it will appear sound and run till it totally breaks down. So dangerous for the jockeys and with tragic consequences for the poor horses. And to think,....over here everyone is horrified about the 'use of whips' during racing!!!
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    That was very well said Ali. Fortunately there is a move to cut out the use of medications on race day. I am involved in racing injury and would never dream of working a horse on pain killers. Hopefully the changes been made will reduce the number of catastrophic breakdowns. As the article pointed out, it does seem to be certain trainers that flaunt the rules. Most people do try and do the right thing by there horses. There really is only a few you don't seem to care.
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    Goodness :(. What a terrible thing to read! How are we regulated in Australia? Is there any issues with this over here?

    RE: dumping of the horses body. I looked up the horse and they used the term 'dumped' in a junk yard. There's nothing wrong with disposing of the horse this way and using the word dump is just to get to the publics hearts. You wouldn't want to know how I had to 'dispose' of a horse I lost last year and I have a HUGE amount of respect for her, their big animals and many of them end up in 'junk yards' and tips due to their size and inability to find the machinery to dig a big hole. Even race horse owners would struggle.
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    Australia has a drug free policy when it comes to racing. Horses are not allowed to race with any substance in there systems. A substance like Bute has a 7 day withdrawal.
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    Thanks Kp! :D
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    Omg Midas, that video is gut wrenching and has brought me to tears! Those poor babies! Galloping yearlings like that is Bloody cruel! Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves!
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    That is shocking and had me in tears, also on the fact I put a mare down last night from colic. Every bit of horse info that vitrually comes out of America and their surrounding counterparts is woeful and makes me glad that we do live in Australia and we have some of the best rules in the world regarding racing. Even doing that sort of work and intensity to a horse so young is so cruel to say the least. Being a person into racing, breeding, owning and training it is gut wrenching to say least and my horses aren't treated like this and many around aren't.

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