More Float Problems..any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Northern Peregrine, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Horses that pull back ;)
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    I could see though with a "oh crap what is that... its going to kill me" kind of animal, hard tying- retraining that flight responce would help in any situation, being that float training, riding or anything.

    Although, tri isnt a bolter, he just likes to know if there is somthing that is going to hurt him, he can get away from it, which is natural for anything with legs and a heart beat.

    He is learning though, that if somthing bangs or makes a noise or there is somthing he is not sure about, I will protect him and no harm will come of him. He still has to stand in the float... that it is a safe place protected by fairys and butterflies lol

    However, he doesnt FREAK when the bum bar is closed. I didnt close him in the float until he was confrotable standing there and backing out on my request and parking anywhere on the float. If I did this in our first session, im sure he would have freaked and tried to turn around or somthing.

    Somthing that I wouldnt recomend unless your a very good at handling the horse, or your a professional is that my float trainer reversed my horse on the float and made him stand in it backwards. This told him that runing out of the back of the float was a no no, and if you want to go backwards, thats fine, but its backwards into the float. Really helped him going forwards, but I wouldnt recomend it unless you know what your doing.

    If there is somthing that startles him in the float, he will push back on it, and go " oh bugger.. cant go anywhere... Ill just stand here and snort". If the bum bar is open and he can back out at his will, and there is a noise he just gives me a "mummy!" look. Its very cute.... but if he backs out we have to play the YO YO game, which isnt very intresting for him but he learns he backs out ON MY comand, not his.
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    How do you have the bum bars set up? i.e. do you do them up in the middle now that there is no divider? I'm not sure what your float is like (or how handy you/OH is) but if you can remove the normal bum bars & create a single solid one that goes all the way across it may make it easier for you to close? The other thing would be to see if he does the same thing in a different float - if you are still using the same float (even though it has now been fixed) he may be wary of it still and this might explain why he doesnt want to stay on? I have heard stories of horses that dont like loading into particular floats for whatever reason and then when presented with a different float (or sometimes a different designed float, depending on the reason behind their reluctance) they are more than happy to load ... just something to consider :)

    Also, I agree with what others have said, retrain him to self load as this is the easiest way (IMO) to get around the issue of him trying to follow you out when you go to close the bum bar. Lots of repetition and getting on & off until he is respecting you and not moving unless you ask - you need forward & backward control over each leg and then you can start getting him in & out of the float & slowly increasing the amount of time he has to wait in the bay before you allow him to back out. Above all be patient and dont rush him - he just needs to regain his confidence in being able to stand in the float without you next to him as a safety net.

    If all else fails, I'm sure that Fred would be happy to have a chat if you call him, especially as he already has an idea of how your horse works and might be able to help you out a bit :)

    Hope this has made some sense and helps at least a little!!

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