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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Chikita2, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Chikita2

    Chikita2 New Member

    Hi all,
    I am new here and new to owning a miniature horse.
    I need some help regarding how much I should be feeding her at the moment.
    She is 33" and 2.5 years old. She weights about 130 kg
    At the moment she is in a paddoch 24/7 with very short dry summer grass.
    I feed her twice a day with 1/4 flake of wheaten hay/ lucerne.
    Twice a week she gets 1 cup of pellets and she also gets carrots daily.
    When I go to feed her, I very rarely see her eating the grass in the paddoch but I'm pretty sure she would do.
    Am I feeding her too much? When the green grass starts growing again, I was planning to stop her hand feeding, but at the moment I'm not sure what to do?
    If she is eating the pasture 24/7 should I maybe just give her a handful of pellets?
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  2. Chikita2

    Chikita2 New Member

    Anyone? I'm sure the feeding would be along the lines of a small pony. Does anyone know of someone with a pony or mini they could ask?
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  3. Donski

    Donski Active Member

    Hi, I'm not a mini expert by any stretch but this is what I feed mine if it's of any help.

    200gm hygain zero
    10gm kohnke cell-vital
    1kg wheaten chaff. (1/2 scoop).

    He gets this daily. He has access to an oaten hay roll.

    In spring he still gets the hard feed daily, but I put a grazing muzzle on him during daylight hours.

    I do know that grass and hay aren't enough in WA to provide all their nutritional needs. Our soils just aren't productive enough.

    Carrots are very high in sugar and I'd be restricting those. Main thing to remember they are trickle feeders and need something in their tummies constantly otherwise they are at risk of developing ulcers. I'd possibly be giving her more hay but then maybe soaking it (30 mins) if you are concerned about her weight. Personally I'd be giving daily feeds and ensuring that her diet is nutritionally sound. I can't recommend feedxl program highly enough.
  4. Donski

    Donski Active Member

    I just saw that you are in SA. I'd be still guessing that she will need supplemental vitamins and minerals though.
  5. Chikita2

    Chikita2 New Member

    Thank you so much Donski. I have posted on numerous forums and nobody gives me a straight answer. Finally someone that actually makes sense! **)
    I have been soaking her hay so phew for that and thanks for the tips on the carrots I will definetely keep them for special occasions only.
    I'm thinking that with the paddoch grass so low that, that would probably be equivalent to eating a hay roll if available.
    So in spring you take away the access to the hay roll and give him a grazing muzzle?
    What is feedxl program?
  6. Donski

    Donski Active Member

    Ideally my little one wouldn't have access to a hay roll, but I've got him in a paddock with 2 big ones, so it's just too impractical to feed him any other way throughout the day.

    The paddock grass would be fine instead of hay through the day. Our grass pretty much disappears during summer, that's why I have had go with the hay roll. When the spring and winter grass comes in they don't get hay rolls. The grazing muzzle is to counter the higher sugars in spring grass. I'm paranoid about him foundering. Even with those measures he was as fat as a butterball last winter. I hate putting it on him (he hates it too), but cruel to be kind and he can still eat small amounts.

    Feedxl is a computer program that analyses your horses diet. It is Australian and has all the different feed types and supplements programmed in so you can see if your diet meets your horses dietary needs. It costs something like $20 for one year, but to me it was totally worth it for peace of mind.
  7. Chikita2

    Chikita2 New Member

    I checked that site out and It cost me $15. I'm happy that it's Australian and it tells me all the feeds she shouldn't have - too sweet etc.
    Great site and like you said worth every penny to help you decide what to feed and how much etc. well worth it for peace of mind and stop worrying.
    Plus I had never even thought that she may be lacking vitamins and minerals.
    Thanks so much for all the help.

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