Millys/Apache Floats

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Jordy D, May 26, 2012.

  1. Jordy D

    Jordy D Active Member

    Any info for or agianst on either brand of float
    Looking at purchaisng a 3 anlgle. What do they tow like etc
    I have a Nissan Ute
  2. Jordy D

    Jordy D Active Member


    Looking at Millsey and Apache floats tomorrow, if anyone has some info on them that would be great!!
  3. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    The only thing I know about the Millsy is that they're bloody heavy.
    Depending on what type of Nissan ute you have and it's towing capacity, you might what to keep it in mind. Especially for a 3 horse float :))
  4. sandy81

    sandy81 Active Member

    I have a millsy doubled straight and also tow it with a Nissan patrol. My car struggles big time up hills, will be looking to get a New car because I absolutely love my float
  5. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    We have just ordered a warmblood sized angled Apache with fridge etc etc etc and got it for an awesome price. We went down south to check them out and my husband who is fanatical about safety etc was very impressed. We have been looking at all makes of floats for the past 3 months and we found Apache better value and very well made compared to many others. I must admit though we were not too impressed with the first Apaches that came out but the new improved model is very good. We found the Milsy's too heavy and I did not like the fact that it only had 1 personnel door.
  6. Tagan

    Tagan New Member

    Apache Floats

    The Apache floats look very simular to the Milsey floats, are they also made in china.

    Does anyone have an Apache float and have you had any issues with it
  7. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    The Apaches are from China but the importers do a fair bit of work to make them stronger etc here before you take ownership. I wanted quite a few changes made to the float I ordered ie fridge, longer bays, more windows, another rug rack, larger tack box, rust proofing, reinforced floor, 240v and 12v power etc etc and found that Millsys and other importers were not interested in customising my float where as Apache were more than happy to cater for my wants and needs. At the end of the day, I get the float and accessories I want for a super price. I have seen a picture of the finished product and will hopefully receive it in a couple of weeks time. It looks fantastic.

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