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  1. miss_skoobz

    miss_skoobz Well-known Member

    My Horsies

    hehe heres some of the horses i've had and the current pony i've got

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  2. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

  3. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    hes a really nice horse stephanie, now im a big fan of ocky!!:D
  4. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    aww thankyou =]
    she by the way haha purple gear and all?

    i got her for free actually =]
    although she was very yucky when i got her... never expected such her to be such a lovely horse ^_^
  5. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

  6. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    I wish it was hot enough to go to the beach =[
    I'm over the cold already lol
  7. Starbe

    Starbe Well-known Member

    Ocky is gorgeous! :)
  8. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

  9. miss_skoobz

    miss_skoobz Well-known Member


    Ocky is beautiful!! :) big fan!!!
  10. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I have no idea if this is going to work, I have been trying for months to download a vid, so here goes.

    Hmmmm, ok, back to the drawing board lol
  11. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    i hope this works...


    thats Travis and me at PHPC
  12. Naomi

    Naomi Well-known Member

    It worked CC! Must have been my brilliant video footage eh? Put the one of your test up too!
  13. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    can't put the others up cos apparently they are too big for photobucket and i have no idea on how to shrink their size or cut footage. :(
  14. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    What a great video, can you hear Xena whinneying to Trav in the background lol.
  15. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member


    lets see if i can remember...

    woo it worked. GT recently found a new home via stockyards classifieds.
  16. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    Thats so cute Siobhan!!

    I want to make a new horsey video, but my computer won;t let me..
    GRR.. We got stuff added to it and now it says the video card isn't compatible >.< So peeved.. But i'll keep trying! haha
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  17. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I must learn how to upload video's to utube :p
  18. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    It;s not difficult lol
    You make an account and press upload =D
    Now that you know you'll have to show us yours lol
  19. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    LOL.. wish i knew that last night.. spent 3 hours waiting for a video of mine to send to crumpetsrntyum.. pmsl
  20. crumpetsrntyum

    crumpetsrntyum Well-known Member

    Yeah lauren you didnt mention it like 2 hours to send! and we started at 11:00!! :p

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