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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by GiGi, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I've (tried) to keep an eye on this all weekend as the results (but they have been very slow uploading them onto the website #( ). Great to see such a high standard in the CCI*** class - the top 5 combinations finished on their dressage score!! Also congrats to Shane who has now got his olympic qualification ... Will be insteresting to see who gets picked now and wether it'll be more the overseas riders or those in Aus still.

    There are photos and videos in the gallery section of the horse deals website - amazing to see how fast they take the bounce into the water .... wow!!

    I think Bramham was the other big international 3DE on the w/e with quite a few european based aussie riders taking part in that ... Will be interesting to see results from there too.
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    Springbok, who's your pick for the team ?
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    yay finally olympic selections will be made soon :)*

    My opionion would be

    The Fredircks
    Megan Jones
    Sonja Johnson :)

    but im not a selecter so not the my opionon matters
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    Oh Gosh GiGi .... Don't ask me LOL!!

    Nah, from a laie persons point of view who's just been observing the results (I haven't a clue on the fitness and soundess of each of the horse and do believe that would play a part in selection) I would *guess* these riders would be right up there for selection:

    Megan Jones + KP Irish Jester
    Shane Rose + All Luck
    Sonia Jonson + Ringwould Jaguar

    ^^ due to super results at Sydney (yes, I know shane didn't show jump but he was looking very good until then) and Melbourne as well as already having experienced riding WEG or Olympics.

    From riders overseas?
    Matt Ryan and Bonza Puzzle (He got 8th a badminton which is ****, not *** which was Sydney and Melbourne).
    Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britania ... Can't really go past a horse who is fit and has won Burley and Badminton in one year.

    I guess it's a sin not to have Andrew Hoy and Clayton Fredericks up there as they are very decorated riders but it would appear they don't have a horse thats really firing RIGHT now? I don't know ... Just that their falls at badminton might now leave them NOT in good stead.

    I'm sure I've missed people but they're the riders who stick in my mind right now .... Other riders like Paul Tapner (he won quite a big event in the UK a couple of weeks ago I think), Stuart Tinney, Sam Griffiths, Janelle Pits and the two who bid at Kentucky finishing well - Boyd Martin and Cammy O'rourke are all riders who would be vying for selection but I think the riders I mentioned at the top are a cut about these ones right now ... and thats what it's about - having the right horse at the right time **) .

    Good luck to them all - I am in awe of anyone who rides at that level :)) .

    **Edited** Just read your post Summ and I think you might be right about Clayton instread of Matt as Claytons fall was on Nullabour (who passed away a couple of weeks after on course) not his other horse Ben Along Time which has been out recently ... from memory I don't think he had outstanding results at that event .... Will have to see!!
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    how many on the team ??
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    5 GiGi, no individual riders (for countries with teams) :) .
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    wow, we have so many top horse/rider combinations to choose from ! How to pick just 5 ?
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    i went with some friends to watch got back late last night and it was awesome

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