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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Little Bean, May 16, 2014.

  1. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Please forgive my ignorance here as I've only just started using meadow hay but is there anywhere around Perth that does compressed bales? Tested, export quality, compressed bales?

    I don't have the luxury of feeding rolls through winter and the bales I've purchased from stockfeeders are lovely and tested but so light and don't go far with my herd and at the price they are :eek:

    Any info on reputable suppliers would be much appreciated **)
  2. pso

    pso Gold Member

    oo- me too!
  3. Warren

    Warren New Member

    I think Hay Australia still do compressed meadow. Not sure who retails it now though. Maybe give them a buzz and see if you can buy direct.
  4. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Thanks Warren, they don't have meadow on their website but I might call. We bought direct from them last year so we should be able to do the same this year. **)
  5. Warren

    Warren New Member

    I've never seen it on their website actually ';'

    I've been told that Begonia (Mundaring) and Gidge Produce both have compressed meadow from different suppliers and different quality. I've only used the stuff from Hay Australia so can't vouch for anything else.
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  6. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    I buy my bagged feed from Gidge and asked last week they don't have compressed meadow just compressed oaten.

    Do you get compressed meadow from Hay Australia or compressed oaten?
  7. Warren

    Warren New Member

    I used to buy compressed export quality meadow hay which came from Hay Australia. Some time last year my local store switched to another hay supplier so now I get normal square bales of meadow hay (tested and certified) but the Hay Aust compressed meadow was better.

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