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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by blitzen, Dec 2, 2007.

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    my dad has given me a year's worth of really nice (and i mean NICE - stinky, green lotus & clover) meadow hay... now the wait is on to see if my pony actually tolerates the stuff.

    being a big city horse i doubt he's had much to do with meadow hay... he was quite interested in it when i introduced it to him today, but still went for his hardfeed. i think he was a bit confused by the texture of it, but intrigued by the smell.
    i did 8 hours of driving to get it - go me! my first big 'haul' with my new car & float... haven't towed a float that far in about... 3 years or so, since i drove my pony back from Merredin.

    anyone know how/where you can get hay tested by the Ag dept? my dad wants me to check up on the protein (?) levels in it... he's convinced he's struck horse feed gold with this current batch of hay.

    it's funny, no one at my agistment does meadow hay. my feedstore has it stashed in the corner & hard to see.. my friend is convinved that ALL meadow hay has ryegrass toxicity... such discrimination...

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