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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by wildwelsh, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. wildwelsh

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    I have always wondered what is a safe weight for a rider to be on a small pony ie a Welsh A and B so not overly chunky I have always ridden ponies but now as I am getting older and hmmm fatter lol!!! thinking should I still ride them this is NOT in competition just at home and trail rides etc...educating them now for my kids,.. .Is 55 - -60 kgs body weight with a light weight saddle say synthetic...still safe for a 11.2hh or 12.2hh pony? Have there been studies done on the health effects? Also I know rider height plays an important part as well due to balance and riders legs obstructing ponies movement...
    Never really thought about it much as I have always been very light under 52kgs..and average height...:):confused:
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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  2. Anna E

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    I know of one study that showed that horses asked to regularly carry more than 20% of their bodyweifght (including saddle) were more prone to muscle and tendon injuries than those that were carrying lighter weights..
    An 11hh/12hh pony is still going to tip the scales at 300 - 350 kilos and up depending on how chunky they are so that gives you 60 to 65 kilos to play with.
    I would say you'd be OK. I weigh a LOT more than that and I have no issue jumping on our 12.2 pony when he needs a tune up - but I'm not up there all day every day.
  3. Pocket Rocket

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    In a pcawa competition, you have to be under 53kg to ride a pony under 12.2hh i believe. So you will be absoultly fine! :)
    I also heard about the 20% thing :)
  4. wildwelsh

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    Thanks guys, I would only be riding her a few times a week with the odd trail ride I need to educate as kids are a long way off doing that but don't want to do any injuries to pony!! :):)

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