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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by charlie, Sep 11, 2002.

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    If you have experience in market harboroughs and running martingales could you give me some tips on both. Do you think the market harborough is a more effective way of keeping the poll of the horses head from flicking up or the running rings.

    If you are barrel racing and going in novelty events etc would it be too harsh on the horse to use any of the above or just best to only use when going on leisure rides or training etc to help keep the poll from going to high? Is using a head check set at the right lenght best in speed events such as barrel racing and novelty events if you have a horse that can flick their head up?

    Also how long should you use the market harborough or running rings on your horse before giving them a break from it?

    And with a market harborough, I just made my own as it is so much cheaper, but how do you check to ensure you have set it at the right length. With the running rings Icheck by seeing if when you hold it up it reaches the chin strap but what is the check for the market harborough?

    Cheers all
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    Charliecharlie, try riding more without your stirrups , and getting yourself down into you saddle more.
    The idea of getting your weight right down in the saddle is to get the horse to bring its hindquarters underneath it properly and this will then bring its poll down and into the right position.
    At the moment I would say that you are still riding on your stirrups and reins , which will make your horse lift its head in an effort to avoid the presssure being placed on the bit.
    If you are using a broken bit , the pressure exerted by your hands will make it act as a nutcracker , thus making it hit your horse in the top of the mouth where the bars are , and will jurt considerably.
    The only time a set of rings was used on any of our horses was on one of our jumpers who used to toss his head as he approached the jump. This was a bad habit that we were never able to get out of him. He would even toss his head in a headstall if we were approaching a jump.
    The less interference that is given to a horses mouth when sporting , the safer they are, as they can naturally balance and therefore a less likely to fall.
    Try the suggestion that I have given to you everyday for a while , and yes , if you are doing the right thing , your legs will ache. After you put your stirrups back on , continue to sit in the saddle the same way as when you dont have the stirrups. You may have to lengthen your leathers to do this.

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    The running martingale can be used every day, as long as it is set to the right length. The only reason you wouldnt use it every day is if you were into hacking or dressage, where you only use what you use in the ring, the same with bandages and boots etc.
    The martingale is there to stop the horse from lifting his head too high up in the air, which encourages his head to be lower, and less hand is needed. Also in jumping it still lets the horse stretch his head out to get over the jump.
    I dont like any gadgets which fix a horses in one place. These are cruel and usually end up in more problems, especially stoping the horse from going forward and using impulsion.
    Standard martingales are the worst from jumping for it stops the horse from basculing over the jump. No horse can possibly get the right stride into a jump, and will knock polls and then start stopping due to lack of confidence. People who feel the need for standing martingales "need it" because they have been riding their horse with the poll too low for jumping so the horse cant see the jump. Hte horse then throws his head up to try and see the jump. the more the rider fights, the more the horse throws his head. Simply if he cant see the jump he cant jump.
    If you watch a show jumping round of little pony club kids who have never asked their little pony to be "on the bit", the pony will go over with minimal head movement, and usually go quite slowly over the course, in a lot of control, and very very rarely knock a poll.

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    I would like to say that if it wasnt for the market harborough on this mare I rode I would not be here today (I think).

    Summer Love is her name, Pure Arab Mare, this mare was known as nut cracker (to the blokes for sore reasons) and to us girl chest smasher. Summer had been involved in a terrible road accident playing chasey with some young girls she slip on the road and broke her knee cap, they removed her knee cap only to use her as broodmare for future.

    Wallareenya station took her over and actually rebroke her in. She was the best horse they had there, she cantered with her left leg higher always and trotting as she learnt to use her muscles under neath. Now as that leg came up so did her head. NOT IN PAIN so dont jump down my throat[​IMG] she was as fit as fiddle and well she sent one guy into hospital splitting his fore head.

    Now when he left I got her to ride the rest of muster. We go on great unbelievable or not. I mangaed to ride her with the market harborough and it kept her head throwing to minual. I ended up competing at a local gymkhana with her with this barrel racing and we got 2nd with a time of 20.16s which was great considering 1st was 19.87s. at the turn i just about lost my head though she through her leg far foward so her head went up even further and she knocked me clean out. I ended up in the coward for the rest of night. oh well.

    now i only used that becuase i was told to by the manager i had never used one before and i would never ride summer without one even bare back.

    "The Wind of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears"

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