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    Hi there,

    I'm hoping to find information on a Riding Pony stud which was located in MR. The stud closed down due to family reasons and was run by a woman who initials are D.W. First name Doreen, I can provide the last name through private messaging. I have one of her ponies which I am trying to register. I have heard that the breeder has passed away and I'm hoping to find people from the area who may have known the stud well. I just need to figure out which mare and stallion my pony is out of. She is a 2005 drop (give or take a year), 12.1hh, chestnut, faint coronet bands, big blaze, quite pretty.

    If anyone knows information or someone who can help please contact me.

    Thank you. I don't mean to disrespectful, I'm just trying to improve this ponies life.

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