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  1. horseychic

    horseychic Well-known Member

    does anyone of a good herbal supplement to give to a mare who can be a bit hormonal when in season.

    I was look at james hart normalize?
  2. Horselady

    Horselady New Member

    id be interested to know this aswell:)*
  3. Indigo King

    Indigo King New Member

    Moody Mare Mix from Rose Cottage Herbs - They have a website.

    Quite a few people suggested using this to me when I was on the hunt, and they had had great success.

    I did see improvment in my mare after being on this, but not as significant as others had but we are starting to think its not a hormonal problem.

    What marey attributes she did have before using this (which wasn't many, just the usual) were definitely better!

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