Mares Milk Study Results

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by mod 6, Feb 27, 2008.

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  2. Marianne

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    One of those cooking shows on Fox did a thingo on Mares milk. He made rice pudding and gave it to a panel (they didn't know what he used) to see what they thought. They all enjoyed it.

    The milk they used came from a farm in Holland I think and they were using Belgans for the milking. Was very very interesting.
  3. samm

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    What I've always said..foals get very little nutritional value from the mare after 3 months.Why do you think I wean at 3 months?
  4. rbk

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    interesting read. Samm have you always weaned at 3 months? Had any problems? What age do other people prefer to wean at?
  5. samm

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    Yep RBK between 3 -4 months.4 months max.The only times when I first started breeding 25 or so years ago I left a foal on for 6 months and really didnt see any benefit to either mare or foal so next foal I weaned earlier and then just found the 3-4month mark the time that suited me.The real turning point came when I lost a mare with a 2 &1/2 month old foal on her and he really thrived after he lost his mum at that age.
    Never had a problem at all.By then foals are eating well by themselves and all they do after that is drag the mare down in my opinion.
  6. rbk

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    great, and how do you prefer to wean them - so they are in close proximity, next door to each other in stables, leave the property? have seen it done lots of different ways....
  7. samm

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    Depends what facilities you have available.
    Its quieter for me if I take the mare off the property for a few days !lol
    They seem to settle faster if mum doesnt call back.
    Generally wean into a safe stable or safe yard with very high fences.Put another baby in if I am weaning two,if not use a quiet older pony as a companion next to foal and mum for a few days so foal gets used to his next door neighbour.Then take mum away.
    I never ever wean in a paddock though.Seen too many foals go through or over fences with people that do this.
    In all the years I've weaned I've yet to have an injury to either mare or foal ,touch wood :)
  8. rbk

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    i saw an interesting way of doing it in europe, they stabled the mares and foals next to each other for a period of time, they said it reduced anxiety that they could still see each other and touch noses thru the bars etc....

    i just like hearing different opinions on things :)
  9. samm

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    Yeah thats drift weaning RBK.

    Hows my pony ?
  10. rbk

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    snuggled into his new bale of hay this morning, sleeeeeeping......

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