Mare agression toward gelding

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Beetle, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Beetle

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    I have a mare and gelding paddocked together with no problems normally. The gelding is not rugged as a rule but the mare (whom I compete) is. Yesterday I put a new mesh rug on the gelding to help to reduce fly and mosquito biting and the mare started squealing at him. I locked them in separate yards side by side to give her time to get used to him for an hour but when I let them back out into the paddock she started chasing him and backing up to kick at him. She did eventually settle down but this is the second time this has happened and I am really starting to wonder if there is a problem. The first time I put one of the mares old rugs on him just to keep him clean before an event and she really went to market on him. The poor boy didn't know what to do as he is normally the dominant horse. I had thought that it was just because he smelt like a mare with her old rug and this may have confused her, but as this time it was a new rug it must be something else. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on, or is she really that silly that she cannot recognise him when he has a rug on?
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    I'm sorry I don't have any answers but must admit it is an unusual problem. I am wondering if it would make a difference if you let the mare sniff the rug first and then have them tied up together when you put it on so she can see what is happening. Other than that I can't offer any advice.
  3. Beetle

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    Thank you for your reply. I did put the mare and gelding side by side with rails between and she did sniff and look at him through the rails. Unfortunately she still tried to beat him up in the paddock. I had thought she had settled down until yesterday when the gelding managed to get his hood over his eyes. The poor boy stood waiting for me to rescue him (he could still see a little through the mess and was avoiding the mare). As soon as I walked up and started undoing the hood the mare walked over and the gelding became agitated. As soon as he could see he ran away from the mare and she chased him. I called her off and he stopped so I could reattach the straps and buckles. While doing this I was really surprise that the mare lined the both of us up for a kick which she didn't follow through on when I yelled at her. (This is a normally "quiet" mare). Last night I locked her up to give the gelding a break but when I let her out this morning she belted him up again and this time he came galloping to me for safety, the only thing being I was on the other side of the gate which he hit with force and went through. Luckily, no damage to the horse and just a broken latch. Needless to say I have removed his rug and now she has stopped reacting but he does not want to have a bar of her.
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    Hey Beetle.
    Doesnt sound much fun for your gelding. I think you might want to look into getting the Vet to check your mare over and get a few blood tests just to rule out if her hormones are going a little wacky. This doenst seem like 'normal' behaviour. It may pay to keep seperating them for a few weeks too (if you can that is) so you dont have any accidents. The last thing your gelding (and you) need is a trip to the vet to patch him up. Good Luck.
  5. Beetle

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    Thank you Farmers Wife, I think you are right, the next stop will be the vet. Her behaviour is definitely too aggressive and a bit on the 'Jackal and Hyde' side.

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