Manure Catchers ???

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Charming Carriages, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Charming Carriages

    Charming Carriages New Member

    I'm trying to find where I can buy a manure catcher that can be fitted to harness or saddle?

    Does anyone know where I can source these. General saddlery shops dont have them. Found US sites with them advertised but surley they are sold somewhere here?

    Help is much apprectiated :)))
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  2. Kateee

    Kateee Guest

    sorry can't help you, but welcome to stockies **)
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  3. Charming Carriages

    Charming Carriages New Member

    thats ok - Thank you :)
  4. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Mate, back in the day when we had Clip Clip Clydesdale Wagon Tours we had "poo bags" we made our own to our own design, we looked at getting them made to sell and paten the design but there just wasnt the demand for them.

    I will have a look tonight when I get home if I can find any photos and give you an idea of how to get some made up, ours where made out of water proof canvas and where made up my our local canvas guy.

    Very simple, very easy to clean use and empty, mare and gelding friendly.
  5. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Shaz you didn't happen to design any that I can staple to my horses butts to make poo pick up time less of a job (for me)?
  6. Charming Carriages

    Charming Carriages New Member

    Thanks heaps Sharaway.

    They seem to be like hens teeth to find.

    Reason being on why I need one is that I will have my horse 'Bob' in the foyer of the convention centre for the Bridal Expo on the 6 & 7 March (super exxcited!! :D) but for obvious reason he isn't allowed poo in there...
    The only online place i have found is "" maybe it is worth just ordering in one from there...
  7. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Sorrell here is a photo of our ones, but having looked at the site it would be far easier to just buy one of those ready made ones.



    I have drawings for our ones somewhere but I cant find them.
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  8. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Painter, we did try to make a saddle version, but it was just going to prove to be to dangerous for the average horse.

    We just new that most people would get either themselves or the horse killed lol
  9. Horsewest

    Horsewest Well-known Member

  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Horsewest if I was still in business I would so sue him lol

    "Join us in style as we 'clip clop' around Fremantle" extracted from web page

    How RUDE pmsl.

    Our bags where primitive compared to the ones that Alan uses, but when we made ours there was nothing any where like them.
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  11. CDining

    CDining New Member

    manure bags

    Hi Sharaway,

    Not too sure about some of your comments or how 'clip clop' is rude... but hey each to their own.

    Back to the thread question.

    The manure bags I use have been quite effective and have also been used with saddles. All you do is get a d-ring connected to the back underside of the saddle and ensure that the breaching side straps can reach the girth for stability. We rode these guys through Freo for a few hours plus some other harness stuff with no 'manure' issues.

    I bought 3 bun bags from Idaho but have found that the quality isn't that superior to the ones I had made at Fremantle. Depends on how much money you want to spend. I only use one of the Idaho bags on one horse and the Freo made one on the other.

    Charming Carriages - it's great to see other harness business out there. It's strange but I was only looking at your website the other, which looks awesome by the way. We need to do the right thing and ensure manure doesn't get left on the streets.

    Clydesdale Dining
  12. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    what about urine... that would be FAR worse to do in teh convension centre!
  13. Narelle28

    Narelle28 Active Member

    The ones we used was made by a guy in Freo but that going back a good 15yrs
  14. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    CDining, welcome to the forum, "How Rude" was said in jest, as our Business name was "Clip Clop" Clydesdale Wagon Tours, We opperated out of Busselton and Margaret River Wine Region.
  15. CDining

    CDining New Member

    no probs Sharaway. Thanks anyway letting me know. I like the setup of your harness in the photos. Especially the breaching strap to the trace line. Looks to be effective. Seems to negate the use of a backband. How did you find it?

  16. CDining

    CDining New Member


    Just found out from Brent Watson that he and John Triplet made your bumbags. The Watson helped out with the C/Dining horses training (and mine).

    Also, Brent was saying that the vehcile I bought off him was the one you used to own. I have some photos of it on my website to see if it's the same one. Clydesdale Dining - a unique experience...

    Such a small world...

  17. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Brent helped us with a design for adapting the bags to ridden horses, they didnt design or make those bags in use in the photos above.

    The design was 100% effective even at the canter.

    So you have our old sulky, god I'm sad about that, we wanted to buy it back but just couldn't get it together to get over there to buy it back.

    Thats a ripper sulky, those tyres are just the best go any where gear.

    Glad to see its got a new and loved home and still has my hand painted John Deere Yellow rims lol.

    As for the harness, very simple, very easy to use and clean, was designed for hot weather use, the backband is just one more thing for them to wear and get hot under. Mind you, its not showy like your gear, but bugger showy when your the one cleaning it everyday lol.

    We are after a single set of harness suitable for a Percheron for our flat bed dray, the extra full zilco we now have doesnt cut it, dont want a collar perfer breastplate, if you know of any going, otherwise I will have to get Darryl to make me a set, or look to import some made to measure.
  18. CDining

    CDining New Member

    The harness I used I bought from Aaron Martin (Aaron Martin Harness | Harness & Supplies for Horse, Dairy & Pet) in Canada. Is it made of Granite which is a synthetic that looks like leather. Very easy to clean, wet rag and wipe, great for commerical use. It is also light so my grooms have no problems with it.

    I also bought the collars form them. I've had some comments that the collars I purchased should only be used for small veichles, however, I have found that they provide the horses with good wear patterns are are perfect for pulling the large vehicle.

    That sulky has been awesome. It certainly made the harrowing a bit easier for the horses.

    Take care.


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