Magnesium Chloride / Toxin Binders

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by HorseSlave, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    Have heard a lot about Mag Oxide, but what about Magnesium Chloride? Has anyone had any success feeding MgCl?

    Also remember hearing a lot about toxin binders a few years back. Does anyone use them with success?

    Particularly interested in improving hoof function and quality and have been tantalised by the information on the Gravelproof Hoof webpage.
  2. LisaJ

    LisaJ Well-known Member

    I have just started using Magnesium Chloride as per Gravelproof hoof, early days yet. My farrier is using it on a chronic lamanitic pony with brilliant results.
  3. kt200

    kt200 New Member

    I'm interested too. The only person I know who tried it is over east and she says its great for getting platy footed TBs performing barefoot.

    I've been feeding more-mag and I'd say it has definitely helped with spring spookiness and he hasn't foundered, but who knew if he was going to anyway. He is cresty though and I think I'm going to try the Mag chloride instead (its cheaper) and see if softens that crest. A high Mg:Ca ratio can interfere with Ca absorption and obviously that is bad for bones, so this is a concern. But I am not a vet and would be interested to hear any other opinions, positive or negative.
  4. Karen Jet

    Karen Jet New Member

    Mag chlor is more readily absorbed than Mag ox. I have been feeding mag chlor for nearly 2 years now. I find it has helped with strengthening feet, my boy used to get a lot of abcesses, but since on this I don't think he has had any. I feed it to all my horses in varying amounts for different reasons. Magnesium is deficient in Australian soils so therefore is probably deficient in most horses and it would be a good addition to any horse ration. My farrier recommended giving my boy a larger dose than most to combat the fact hes on Lucerne hay, was something to do with the fact that calcium interferes with the absorbtion of the magnesium, so he was getting a lot of Lucerne, so I upped the mag to cover that. I have been doing a bit of reading on the subject and magnesium is needed just as much if not more than calcium for bone growth, which I did not realise so feeding extra mag should not be a problem. Sugars are bad for feet too, so I cut out added molasses from their diet also.

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