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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by ash, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. ash

    ash Active Member

    :confused: again another saddle thread. does anyone own a mackinder saddle and if so are they any good? have you ridden any distance in them. im looking at a older one and just need some input before a look at it on the weekend. i want to do some endurance riding, but on a bit of a budget, so need a good saddle that not going to cost the earth.
    thanks in advance for any comments, good or bad.
  2. callmesue

    callmesue New Member

    Hi, I own one and I used to think my Wintec 2000 all purpose was the best thing sliced bread:) But I bought a MacInder as I do endurance and I have never looked back. They do take a bit of getting used to. Few sore places on the body at first but now I cant ride in my Wintec dont feel safe. You can feel every movement on the horses back with them. They are great. And the beauty is you can use them on a lean horse and a fat horse as I have both. **) I would recomend them completely. PM me if you want to know more.
  3. bubblez

    bubblez Well-known Member

    theyre meant to be the bee's knees of endurance saddles atm, or so ive heard, quite a few endurance friends have them :)
  4. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    are you looking at the old style ones with a the rigid tree, or the new ones with the semi flex tree?
    I'd LOVE a new one but at $3,000 plus, no way at the moment! :( I had an old one, which looks like a half breed saddle. It was very comfortable but put you in a very centred riding position which takes a bit of getting used to if that's not your current style. I sold it because it was quite a wide saddle and wasn't going to fit the current horse, but the barrel pony I had it on first went very well in it. The Y style rigging helps to reduce side to side movement of the back of the saddle which is good. They're very well made. They are quite heavy though.
  5. ash

    ash Active Member

    Well im with you ANNAE i would love a new one but cant afford the price, so a second hand one is ok, but they are pretty hard to find. dont know of any for sale do you?*#)
  6. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    No sorry - I sold mine ;)
  7. callmesue

    callmesue New Member

    They only weigh 5 and a half kilos mounted so that is pretty light compared to a lot of saddles. I rode two different horses the year I bought mine. One was was a very fit very slim endurance horse and my mare was a very fat hoping to become a fit slim endurance horse and it made no difference to the horses. Fitted both very well. my decision to buy one was made by this fact. Previous to that i had the saddle fitter out 3 or 4 times a year to change the stuffing and gullet on my wintec 2000 because of vast changes of shape through the season. It all just cost too much. :mad: So finally convinced other half to let me buy the mackinder as it fits most various shaped horses quite well. :)) This proved to be right. I now have mother and son whom I ride and one is very fit and slim and one is liked she is going to have a foal any minute but is not. I would not look back and I think 99% of people who make the change to them dont sell them that is why you dont see them for sale. You definately have to change your riding style if your used to the conventional all purpose saddles but the change is worth it. :)) I get on my horses now in my wintec 2000 and I dont feel comfortable at all.#(
    Good luck with your decision.
  8. JLacy

    JLacy Active Member

    I have ridden in many types of endurance saddles, and one that is simular to the mackinder is the Coverdale. The coverdale is made for comfort, fits 99% of horses. I love it and have ridden 1000's of km's in it. loved them so much I bought 3 of them! fits all my horses from my arabs to my welsh/clydie and my paint horse. They are 1000 brandnew fully mounted.
  9. ash

    ash Active Member

    hi Jlacy
    are they like a stock saddle, ive never heard of that brand, where do you get them from are they synthetic or leather. thats seems a good price.
  10. annie

    annie Active Member

    Coverdale are a leather saddle, they are made by Brian Coverdale over east...
    If you google Coverdale saddle the pic will come up or mine should be here tomorrow and I can put a pic up for you,
    It cost $1100 all up including postage to Perth and took 5 months to make, thats the down side...

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