Lycra Skinny Hoods

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Rivvy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Rivvy

    Rivvy Active Member

    I used to have (and still have but old now) the Dress Circle lycra skinny hood with the zipper that goes from the chin to the chest then has the belly band that threads through two straps to keep it secure. Well I need a couple more and I cant find them anywhere, was wondering if someone has used another brand similar, I also like big eye holes as well !!!**)
  2. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    roma has one - horseland should sell them - the eye holes werent terrific but i cut a slit in each and then tied the middle together with bailing twine and it worked fine :)
  3. Rivvy

    Rivvy Active Member

    oohh thanks Mav, that sounds like a good idea with the eye holes, I'll go in and see if they have some.
  4. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    If you want the zipper ones with a belly strap, try Bec at PMP :)
  5. Rivvy:)
    I have brand new pull on and zip up (complete separating) slinky hoods for sale, made in the US in S, M, L sizes, in black, burgundy and red.
    $85 with a zip, $80 - pull on. Both types have Velcros fasteners on the nose and under the belly.
    I also have a brand new sweat neck and sweat throat latch for sale, also brand new and made in the US.
    Contact me if anyone is interested.
  6. panoramic

    panoramic New Member

    I know this thread is old, but I have some Dress Circle Bib 'n' Hood', full lycra body rugs and Sherpas for sale.

    Message me if you are interested :)

    XS - New in burgundy $155
    S - New in burgundy $155
    S - Sample in burgundy $145

    XS - New in emerald $95
    XS - New in emerald $95
    XS - New in emerald $95
    XS - New in light blue $95
    XS - New in light blue $95
    XS - New in black $95
    S - New in royal blue $95
    S - New in pink $95
    S - New in light blue $95
    M - New in light blue $100
    M - Used in emerald $60
    XL - New in light blue $100
    XL - New in purple $100
    XL - Used in burgundy (hole) $60

    SHERPA HOODLESS RUG - Outer layer Sherpa/inner layer polar fleece
    XL - Sample in navy (zipper broken) $180

    SHERPA CLASSIC RUG - Outer layer Sherpa/inner layer polar fleece
    XL - New in navy $190
    L - Used in navy $150
  7. Rivvy

    Rivvy Active Member

    have pmd you panoramic

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