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  1. AnnieIvy

    AnnieIvy Well-known Member

    I did introduce it slowly and thought he was eating them, till I actually watched him eat lol he had been wasting them all and because the sand here covers everything up instantly I never relized.
    I have gone back to putting a handful in to his feed with molassas and he still spits some out.. not as much as there isnt many in there lol
  2. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    yep :) i take two weeks to add a new feed. gradually take a bit away of what im currently feeding and replace it with the new feed and after 2 weeks, they should be on fully the new feed :D
  3. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I did very gradually add them.. Started with 1/4 container and built up.. she's now been on them near 6 weeks? Still hates them, I think she must spit them out as I find them all around her food bin and she's normally a very tidy eater.

    No idea what I'll change too..
    She gets hot of a lot of feeds which is my main problem :/
  4. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Lauren+Annie- Have you tried crushed or flaked lupins? My boys seem to drop a lot less then they did with the whole lupins. Also they either don't need to be soaked or only soaked for about 20mins which may make a difference Lauren..

    Some horses turn their noses up when the lupins ferment a little. You can have a few scoops of my crushed lupins to see what she is like before you get an entire bag.. Or try a little bit of molasses water over the soaked whole lupins.. can mask the smell.
  5. AnnieIvy

    AnnieIvy Well-known Member

    I was gonna try flaked/crushed but I don't know what to do with the wholes ones I have left...
    I have been putting molasses in it as well, Buzz is very fussy, which I never knew before.
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    If you wouldn't mind that would be great :)
    I'll just borrow enough for one feed.. if she likes them than I'll buy a bag :)
    I'll wait til after Friday when she gets her teeth done! I do think her teeth may be making it hard for her to crack and chew the whole lupins.
  7. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Umm if soaking till the shell is soft or "busted", why would it be hard for her teeth to "crack & chew the whole lupin"??
    I soak mine long enough that the outer shell is either very soft so even your finger nail can dig into the lupin, or the shell has busted....
    Properly whole soaked lupins should be soft, hell i use to feed them to a 30yo mare with several missing teeth!
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Because they still aren't as mushy as a wet pellet.
    I'm not saying that's why she doesn't like them, I just wouldn't be surprised if that's contributing to why she doesn't like them.

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