Looking at a Crisfloat Grand National-thoughts please

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by dun, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. dun

    dun Active Member

    We have looked at quite a few types and we are impressed with a lot of features on these Crisfloats. Will be borrowing one soon and hooking it up to our Silverado to see what we think once hayburners are on and we hit the road.
    Just intrigued on what others think as I have not met anyone with one around me in Koji that doesn't love there's. Is it possible there are no negative's- I doubt it...LOL Cheers
  2. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    I have a friend that loves hers, they are heavy and she has had electric brakes fitted to her 4WD to cope with the weight.
    My horse has travelled in it, and she travelled well, but not keen on the breaching bar fastenings which, if you are taking horses out in the order first in - first out means you have to undo the last horse in before the first horse can come out...if that makes sense? I also have a personal issue with having a back leg on the divider, but some people don't mind that.
    Overall a good travelling float and with a couple of changes to the standard design,are fantastic floats if you have a good enough vehicle to pull it.
  3. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    Oh.... I LOVE mine... but I still have negatives!

    I got mine 4yrs ago new (for my 30th, am getting old)... so not a brand spanka anymore, but here are my gripes!

    1) had the float for about 3 weeks and one of the metal rods that act as the spring on the tail gate snapped... scared the life out of me. But on the plus side they sent me a new one (as they should)... but then again, ever since they have always "popped" out of place, so I have to keep a hammer in the float to bang them back in before I put the back up or down.

    2) OK, then about six(ish) months in to owning it I went to Esperance and half way there the bearings in one of the wheels died and we had flames and smoke everywhere :eek: but once again, they got it fixed for me... but still, didnt expect that one to happen! BUT THEN AGAIN, it could have also been my own fault as I expected them to be OK since the float was new, I never actually checked them myself!

    3) sometimes the tack box doors don't close properly, mainly when its hot and maybe the material has swelled (does plastic swell?! *#)) so I have to slam them and ram my (ample) a$$ against them to close.

    4) the bolts holding the tail gate latches kept coming loose (and at one stage actually came off!) Yes, that one actually was VERY dangerous and there was no reason for it. But managed to fix it... though I shouldnt have needed to!

    So now after reading this it sounds like my float is a piece of poo... it's really not... I promise! It's perfect to tow, I LOVE the fold down storm cover, my two HUGE horses fit it with plenty of room to spare and it doesnt get as hot as the metal floats. I really do love it... honestly :)*
  4. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    Oh, mines a Royal not a Grand National...

  5. dun

    dun Active Member

    Keep them coming....

    Well I have been touring around with ponies on the Grand National and Black Ice .....we love it.....I drive a Chevrolet Silverado and it doesn't know its there but you definitely need a towing machine as its heavy and that's what I like. Light weight floats feel like they are swaying around on a tow ball ...no thanks....**)
    Yes I believe you I promise that you love your float....:D

    We headed out on the gravel as we are rural and do a lot of that type of driving to see how it handled it and it was bloody great...!!
    We live on a hill from hell so 4 x 4 only to climb the driveway to the agistment centre on property hence the Chev being perfect for the job.

    I understand your point about the undoing of the tail gates so to speak. This float is 2009 so I am sure a few things that I don't like have been modified since then.
    I think the handles that you do up to hold ramp up stick out a bit to much and the moulding lip inside on the roof has to go. Other than that my husband that has been going over every float we have looked at and is very impressed with this one.
    Love that it doesn't rust and also open and very lovely to travel in as I did. The old grey mare aint what she use to be.....:rolleyes:

    Horse is a 16.3hh QH and he fits unsquished and is travelling well. Horses walk on with ease and like the white and open breezy feel it gives I think.
    Thanks again for your feedback.
  6. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    Do you mean this bit that I circled?! If so, I'm glad I had it last night... my silly mare threw her head up in fright at something behind her and knocked her head on it... the plastic bit actually gives, but is still firm enough that it stopped her head from actually hitting the metal underneath. First time its happened but that random piece of plastic get my :)*


    Though... did I mention I HATE that the tail gate springs come out??! eeekkk almost burst my pooper valve lifting the tail gate up last night when the rod popped out!!!!!

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