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  1. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Hi All @)

    Just wondering what people who use them think, what their turn around time is for claims and what their vet cover is like?

    I've had a quote just to cover my horse (death etc) but wondered if I should get them to cover vet fees as well.

    Any info good or bad is welcome.

  2. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    Very worthwhile Little Bean,

    I have both mine with Logans and have the full Vet cover... It really didnt make the yearly cost go up to much and when one of mine got very sick and had vet bill up to $2100 they paid out within 2 weeks of me claiming.

    Once you have made a claim, when you renew you have to get them vet checked but i have to anyway as they are insured for over 10 grand.

    I find them great to deal with and reccommend them. :)

    Hope that helped
  3. pso

    pso Gold Member

    How does logans compare with Petplan- pricewise?
    I'm currently having dramas with Petplan, so am looking for someone else to renew with!
  4. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    Well I am not sure what petplan would charge me but this is what logans charge..

    1 QH gelding 5yrs and 1 QH mare 4 yrs, both show western pleasure, One insured for 17 the other for 30 both with max vet cover and I pay $1890 per year.

    I think the break down was about 850 for one horse and 1030 for the other....

    Hope that helps pso!
  5. pso

    pso Gold Member

    That helps HEAPS...**)
    Currently insured for ALOT less, and paying $1100...oh...but they are double charging me now... so paying quite a bit more!:mad:

    Will look into changing- thanks!**)
  6. rbk

    rbk Active Member

    We are with IRT - used to be Wallace Livestock
  7. Jump Off

    Jump Off Well-known Member

    I got a quote from both Pet Plan and Logans and Logans was quite a lot more expensive for the type of insurance I was after. After seeing the drama's you have had maybe the more expensive option might be the best or I might shop around a bit more.
  8. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I have my horses insured through Aon for loss of use & death. They have been insured for a number of years and I hoped to never have to make a claim.
    Recently we had a horse who was insured become unable to be used as a showjumper. He is perfectly sound and ridable but becomes unsound if jumped.
    I sent all the vet reports to Aon and put a claim in for loss of use. I was very upfront in telling them that the horse was still sound as a riding horse but became unsound when competed at high level showjumping. He was a stopper but we found out that his problem caused him pain at take off & landing which is probably why he was a stopper.
    Anyway I got an 80% payout on this horse and a lovely letter wishing him all the best in his retirement from showjumping.
    They were very prompt, very understanding and very professional.
    Even though I explained that he was in good health & sound BUT I did not want to push him to the point that he had to be PTS just to make a claim.....they were so understanding.
    I cannot express how grateful I am to them for that understanding......they put the horses welfare first & foremost, which to be truthful I did not expect.
    So from my experience I would have to recommend Aon because they showed real concern for the horse and also for me **)**)
  9. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    that is nice to know KC. It's good to hear they have such good ethics.

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