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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by celestialdancer, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    mocha im a big chicken if i can so can u lol
  2. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Sorry magic_impact, I just figured they would find you after we spoke on the phone...they were heading straight over to you. It was nice to meet you :D I hope you didn't freeze Saturday night ;)
  3. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    well done everyone :D found out about yoshi ponee last night - what a horrible thing to happen!!!! :( looks like we will only have a handful of riders at states now :(
  4. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Alyandmontana - GREAT shots of you matey!!!! You should be damn happy with that performance :)

    Well done to everyone else who went too! :)
  5. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Oh, and Exbritkid - SNORT - that is one hillarious photo...... definitely an 'oops' moment! lol
  6. magic_impact

    magic_impact Well-known Member

    Wasnt too cold Wattle - we survived :) Plus the beer and harvey steak from the harvey pub went a long way to keeping both me and my dad warm!
  7. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    oooh oooh my horse was brown and was wearing light blue and darkblue in the A grade. any piccies?
  8. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Thats me...oh dear go my but looks huge, lol dam the person who though cream jodpers should be compulsory
  9. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    well it was a good weekend...happy with dressage 52.2 (same as cait) double clear in XC he felt so good considering his ownsaturday night dramas (him in the horse next to himhad a scuffel) not sure exacly what happened but my horse ended up with a cut on the front of the hock and a bit of swelling but he was fine.
    I was also happy with SJ we had rail, thought me and cait were going to be drawn for sure but we werent counting on time penalties. i swear that course must have been measured tight coz nearly all had at least 1 time

    anyway was good overall now just keen to see more piccies :)
    dont think i met any stockies on the weekend either :(
  10. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member


    my horses were amazing cant say much about my nights sleep... my mare decided she wanted to make sure i was sleepless.. i got 2 hrs in somehow hahah

    but yeah dressage was good on the mare and of course lil ranger horse had hi first test and OMG it was scary lmao

    nah he was good

    and sj crystal was gd as per usual woot

    and THE RANGER WOW!!! he proved to me that he is totally worth everything!
    and not only the sj he was better than the ompa loompa mare on xc!!!!!

    im soo happpy no placings but a very safe ride before i leave and something that was pressureless!!!

    love those two ponies... im ready for photos since amber said she got some ones of my children hahahb :p
  11. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    hahh good on alex lol only one with shirt in haha. GOODY TOOSHOES!!!!
  12. hehe im so wel behaved :D
  13. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    i went only rode the one horse this weekend. peta wasn't as fit as she could have been but she finished so i was happy.

    she danced the whole way to the dressage warm up and after some cantering was abit tired so after some more work she was completely stuffed . she did some nice work in the arena but had a few stumbles and head chucks. cross country she stopped at jump 3 and had to at jump 4 (the steps), our third go at them she managed to get up them but i'm not sure quite how but it wasn't pretty. she didn't really settle down until the jump out of the creek, after that she didn't need me to push to much and she lengthened her canter so was happy with that only three refusals, as i said to somebody she finished and went in the water without any problems i was stoked. in show jumping she can still get a little excited she knocked to rails but jumped well - managed to get 2 time penalties. this is her first time at actually having the chance to do a c grade event so was stocked with how well she went
  14. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    mmmmm actually prob just like tucked up under her jumper i bet !
  15. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    Well I posted my results, here are a couple of pics :)


    Cross Country, down the step
    up one step
    second step
  16. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Awww Bubbles....Des looks so happy doing xc:)*
  17. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    You kind of did..... My sister, friend and I were sitting with your family at dinner time on Saturday, and I was infront of your Dad in the lineup for mains.
    I didn't realise until Sunday though... After having spoken to your Dad on Saturday night, and he was talking about his daughter doing A grade, I asked him a question about the cross country and he said if I had any problems to say Mr D..... said it was okay, so I then went to look at the results, saw your surname and horses name, and realised who you were. :)
    I'm sure your Dad would remember me, He was going to build a fire for us.

    I can't believe how different my pony was.... I guess because he hasn't been out too much. He decided that his float buddy was his girlfriend and the WHOLE time cross country he was calling out for her, and the walk back he was calling out, threatening to rear coz I wouldn't let him jog back and attempting to jog. :( So unlike him... He wouldn't concentrate on me at all for the cross country, didn't want to listen to me for dressage, but I sort of got him listening before we had to go in, and show jumping he wasn't listening to my speed requests (I wanted slower), but I was able to steer... good thing he didn't listen to me about speed... we would have got penalties if he did!

    Dressage we got 56.4, Show jumping was double clear, and x country was clear, but no idea on time - I guesstimate we were approx 2 minutes over time...
    We did the first x country jump, he jumped it, then bucked, so I made him trot until after jump three when I felt comfortable/safe again.
    For anyone who saw/heard me on the way back from x country, I'm not pleased with my reaction/actions. I can only put it down to him not being himself with the calling out, not listening to me etc and me being tired. :(
    I don't wish to talk about it though.

    All up, for my first time, it wasn't too bad, and other than the calling out/not listening to me, I'm proud of my pony and we can definately improve! :)
    My sister did try to take photos with Salinero's camera, but I don't think they turned out too well... If you read this Jess, you are welcome to post photos of me and Mickey. :)

    I met a few people and saw a few other people that through reading the program, I knew who they were, but I didn't introduce myself.
    Thank you to those people that helped us build a fire, and gave us firelighters/matches! :)*
  18. Eventer4Ever

    Eventer4Ever Well-known Member

    What an amazing weekend!
    First of all.. I'd just like to say, it was GREAT to meet everyone, especially Alex (Aly) and Holly (ExBritKid) who I must say, are the most brill chicks I have ever met :).. Also Bubbles, Salinero, Dashbabe and Secret85.. didn't get the chance to speak to all of you a lot but got to say hello and a bit of a chat.

    Well.. I had a..... Interesting weekend..
    On the way to dressage Mocha was a complete tool, going sideways and jogging etc. And then we got to the warmup arena and he was like :eek:... He just wouldn't settle down! He was rearing and pigrooting and jumping sideways etc.. So if anyone saw a girl who was in tears in Maroon jumper on a Black/brown TB who wouldn't stand still, that was me hahaha
    And it was all because he needed to pee!!! -.-
    Just as we were about to go see the judge, he did a HUGE pee and then we went into our test and ended up with..
    34.8 penalties!! or 76% :D
    You would not believe how stoked I was considering I had been in tears only 5 minutes earlier LOL

    We then went double clear in SJ without a problem.. A lovely little round if I do say so myself..

    And then we went clear on XC with 1.2 time penalties -.- dunno how we manage to go too slow for E grade hahaha

    So with a score of 36 penalties we ended up 2nd :D

    So stoked for our 2nd ODE to come 2nd with a miniscule score of 36! heheh Gotta love him and his feral fluffyness heheh

    Will get some photos soon (Alex ;))
  19. XCkid

    XCkid Active Member

    very horrible, i was shaking when i found out :( but hes all good so thats great !! yerr tahnee told me she will have to go in a composite team now.
  20. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    You may not mean to critise but i do take it to heart.
    to answer you question as to why, firstly i have already stated why, i feel she can breath easier, she is much happier in it then when she had a hano. she is much more controlled in an sj and xc round and she has stopped popping her jaw.. and IMHO. i would never use something i felt she was uncomfortable in or wasnt absoulutley needed. i have seen much better results in it, and even the sj instructor as pc agreed with my use of it. she has stopped rushing and actually listens to me when i ask for her to slow down.... yes you have ridden her out in a normal caverson.. but that was mostly trail rides and small training days as far as i no, and we have now started to go bigger and better hights and we will now be eventing for the rest of the year. so i choose what gear i feel nescessary for my chosen sport...... and ill leave it at that... anything further i would rather be pmed about :))
    end of my massive novel lol :}
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