Log Fence ODE??

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Fe, May 10, 2010.

  1. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows the date that Log Fence ODE is going to be on. I heard it was on the 23/13th of May, but Harvey is on that weekend... ANyone??
  2. RedFoto

    RedFoto Active Member

    I Have log Fence Down as 19/20 June and Harvey as 12/13 June
  3. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    Thanks Red :)
  4. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    Yes, it's 19/20 June. I'm on the committee, progs should be available shortly.
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    :D I've been looking forward to it all year :) will definately be there.. even if I have to walk their LOL *If I leave now I might get there in time*

    JAFEICA Active Member

    Can someone please tell me what the intro 2 (d grade) xc is like?
    I have a green horse, but this event is reasonably close to home
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  7. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    I love this eventtttttttt :d
  8. WOOOOOOO YEOWWW log fence :D best event of the year
  9. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    im counting down the days *dies of excitment inside* *#):D
  10. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    Well its great i think, i noticed a bit of it when i was walking the e grade, i had my old little tb mare there last year, it was her second event ever and she was still fairly green, she loved the course! but you have to be pretty fit!

    Few scary bits, but its all of it rides beautifully!! cant wait to walk the c grade :D
  11. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    i was just gonna ask how fit a horse needs to be :) i might have to get my butt into gear and get my young one fit, decided to retire my old boy from eventing and get him in dressage. so i was just thinking maybe i'll take my baby instead :) he's such an honest boy....d or e grade??
  12. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Seeing how woof goes at caple and baldivas then ill make up my mind which grade CP which will either be e or d grade ;)
  13. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    i'll take marco to baldivis, levi convinced me
  14. Magicalwhitesox

    Magicalwhitesox Active Member

    what website is the program on?? :)
  15. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

  16. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    would like to go to this one as they have quite a challanging A course but i think i have to go to a C* school that weekend
  17. Shiralee

    Shiralee Well-known Member

    Going for sure, and hoping to have camping better organised this year lol! Cant believe how disorganised I was last year! Am really looking forward to it.
  18. i need to hurry up and buy a horsey so i can do it :p
  19. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Will definatly be there! Looking forward to the B course should be good. Really like this event.

    The course is good while still have some challenges in it. They are fairly nice ones though and are not overly bold and scary, Most have good lines and are I think fairly kind while still asking a question if that makes sense?
    Most of the E and D is up in the bush which isnt too bad and is fairly flat until you come down the side of the small hill/valley and then you have a few jumps on the stretch home but again no huge hills like harvey. Ground is good.
    Its either freezing or pooring with rain. Only catch being the walk to the dressage leave 15minutes for that ;)
  20. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    Log Fence xc is great **) very well made course. i will be there just no idea who on... and prob only D grade

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