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    just like to add something to this debate.. does anyone know what the animal rights/ cruelty was like in any of the countrys before australia started to export live sheep these countrys.. as part of their contract to export there is a set of guide lines that need to be followed in order for the exports to continue. they have set up more sophisticated abbatoirs (sp) and animal handling techniques.. another point is some of these countries dont have freezers to frozen meat isnt an option.. also it is part of their religion to eat certain meats at certain times of the years... i dont think we have the right to tell them they cant live by there religious beleifs.

    the other point is australia doesnt have any oil so if we didnt buy any from these countries wed all have to walk.. id rather see the sheep go over seas in there specially designed ships handled by trained stockmen and be slaughtered by trained slaughter men in there own countries..
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    Actually EO, thats not right...
    We have huge deposits of oil, in fact most of the oil produced for use, as fuel in WA, comes from Dongara, up near Geraldton...
    We also have some of the best oil reserves in the world, Like qld, nth west WA, sth west WA, and from memory, some where in SA...Bass straight as far as i know is a limited oil field, so will eventually run out...And have heard there are good reserves in the tasman...wondering when they will be doing test drilling in the bight, probably more there too...
    So we really are not relying on over seas for our oil....
    As the saying goes, "use theres before we need ours"...
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    i thought we only had gas reserves not oil.. guess you learn something everyday. gee wraithe guess hae the second brain helps with storing information.. lol only joking..
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    It was an interesting reading and I must say I have a lot to agree with Wraithe's side as my dad was stock truck driver carting all types of animals (sheep, cattle, pigs and horses).

    I remember my dad saying not to try and push their legs back in or you'll get kicked or knocked out badly. And stay hell away from the truck cartage sides, I would have asked my dad but he isn't here as he died over 9 years ago.
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    roflmao...always should expect a reply from you like

    hows Three Springs treating you, all good i hope, gettin much rain up that way, i hope its starting, be a good year if it has...

    Cheers, Kath...
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    Oil and Gas make up our economy in this state...

    I really dont think anyone can even begin to compare the live export industry with racing unless your ready for some serious debate and have a lot of facts handy.
  7. Gees lucky I missed this post.....:D I know this debate is a few weeks old but I would like to add briefly.

    That most of the time sheep and cattle on boats put on weight as apposed to losing weight. Sheep and cattle wont put on weight if they are stressed.

    Some of the sheep that goes on the boats are old sheep - mutton that are no longer any good for farmers for producing lambs and wool. Arab countries pay better $$$ for these sheep as aposed to us in AUS.

    I have to 100% agree with wraithe on this subject, because without the live export sheep prices in AUS would be at all time lows and be worth nothing. We need to export to keep the price of sheep up.

    I have loaded heaps of sheep off the farm onto trucks to be taken for live export.... and loaded properlly these sheep are not stressed and are actually quite content :D .

    Would you float a horse in a massive open truck untied...NO the bloody thing would be flung around and get battered and bruised. Thats why we confine sheep to stop them moving and rolling around on the floor with broken legs and blood noses etc etc.

    Australians need to support the lamb industy...EAT MORE LAMB!!!!! lamb chops

    Sorry I live in the town that has the most sheep in the state per hectare. So I am a huge supporter.

    Sorry I could go on forever.
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    I had lamb chops for dinner last night Windorah - can I have a key to the city of Kojonup????
  9. Raw Prawn

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  10. retroremedy

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    Raw Prawn...have you investigated the availability of refrigeration in these countries so they can accept the frozen meet? Also if "our" sheep or livestock sent overseas are slaughtered in this this the practice they use on their "own" bred livestock??

    My question this an "animal cruelty issue" or a "cultural issue"??

    I dont necessarily agree with you considering it is our consumption of "meat" that is the cause of the "obestity" problem...but more a problem of "activity"!
  11. Raw Prawn

    Raw Prawn Well-known Member

    Of course that is how they slaughter their own sheep but by sending Australian sheep there to be slaughtered in ways we do not in our own country deem to be acceptable, that is inadvertantly condoning the practice.

    And you can not argue the fact that if people chose to eat a salad or a vegetable pasta rather than a 750g steak (which is more protein than one person needs in a week) or a hamburger that there might be a reduction in the obesity problem.
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    So RP should we dont allow people from these countries to come and live in our country...that would also be condoning the practice as well???? Where do you want to draw the line with THIS argument.
    No I certainly do not believe that a reduction in "steak" would help the obesity with your training as a veterinarian would understand the meaning of calorie intake and energy requirements. Eating meat has nothing to do with has to do with balance and the level of activity.
  13. Raw Prawn

    Raw Prawn Well-known Member

    Im obviously banging my head up against a brick wall on this one...

    Of course I understand nutrition....and guess what....meat has calories and lots of them! Red meat is very high in saturated fats, Im sure you know has an enormous contribution to obesity, heart disease, vascular disease, high blood pressure etc. The more tender the meat is the more fat it contains. The intra-muscular fat content of meat is directly related to its tenderness and taste!

    The fact is that if people ate more salad and less meat (and yes exercised more) then there would be less of an obesity problem.

    No I do not believe we should stop other people with different beliefs coming into this country but they would have to come here with the understanding that those practices are not aceptable in Australia and will not be tolerated.
  14. retroremedy

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    So if I eat my salad dressing drenched in oil and my vegetable lasagna heaped with cheese I will have no way of getting obese?? It is this thought that "meat" is the be all and end all of weight gain which causes so much misunderstanding with everyday the lady the other day that told me she couldnt understand why she was fat she never ate any fact she had a vegetable pastie for lunch everyday and fish and salad for dinner every night and a tub of yogurt & a breakfast bar for breakfast.....this is because she believed what you are saying is that it is the "fat" of meat that makes you fat!! It is total calorie intake that causes weight gain and it is simplistic and ridiculous to say that obesity is just down to "meat"!

    Glad to hear you will allow people from cultures that slaughter animals in what we consider unacceptable in this country to enter our country to live...but again where do you draw the line when it comes to international relations....we refuse to sell meat to the middle east because we do not like the way they treat "our" animals...what if they turn around and decide not to sell us oil because they dont like the way "our" women dress??

    You know my heart I agree with everything you say about live export, I dont like seeing animals treated badly, I dont like seeing people treated badly either but im not naive and know that when you are dealing internationally things are not black and white.
  15. Raw Prawn

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    I totally agree with you about the eating a balanced diet :)

    There are just so many people out there that eat way too much meat and it definitely has negative health consequences.

    There are also vegetarians out there who feast on pasta drizzled in cheese and oil who become over weight.

    All I am saying is, is that I believe people eating too much meat is ONE of the many problems contributing to obesity.

    Once again I agree with you, I am very naive and have extremely idealistic beliefs.....but I believe in them strongly so my thought is is that if people like me voice our opinions, even if 1 person takes a little bit of notice it would have been worthwhile.
  16. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Yes, but "idealistic" is not REALISTIC and realism and respect for consequences is vital for harmony.
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    This be an interesting topic... as i have got family that live in the wheatbelt and grow sheep and wheat.

    And i have to say that i totally agree with Wraithe on this topic!

    Yes i do oppose to cruelty to animals, i have lots of animals, i even have had pet sheep from time to time through out my life and even pet cows, but i still eat lamb and beef. Besides once these animals are sold they are on longer "ours"... are they?

    This is a topic that will never end, humans have been eating meat for thousands of years, so i doubt very much that we will be stopping any time soon, certainly not in mine or my sons lifetime anyway.

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