Live Export has been halted

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    Temple Grandin is a fellow woman with Aspergers' and doesn't come into people politics and social bull. She is a world expert in cattle psychology and slaughter house design. Her mission in life regarding cattle is to minimise metal and physical stress to the cattle in the process of killing them.

    I am inclined to take her comments as gold. Also she is someone who may have outside the box ideas on solving this issue. Perhaps both governments should consult with her and try to solve this sensibly.

    HAH!!!! I must still be in bed dreaming.

    :-( poor cattle, poor farmers, poor indon slaughter houses that did it right. The whole thing is shit.
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    one of my friends who is heavily involved in exports had this to say...

    " Live export
    by on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 12:25pm

    Maybe the aus gov should seriousley think about the impact they have just had on alll the beef producers in australia, not only have the jumped before investigation the facts they have messed with families who rely on live export, maybe the red headed 'blank' who is aparantly our prime minister should actualy go to indonesia and get her facts right. Yes cruelty is disgusting and those assholes dont deserve to be called human there is alot of accredited abbitores in indonesia, we dont even export to the abbitors we export to the feed lots where they are then on sold, shame on u g****d u 'blank'! "

    'blank' spots are bad word spots
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    I naively signed the petition thinking that just Indonesian slaughterhouses that were not meeting humane practices would have live exports stopped - not the whole lot.

    I was disappointed to read in the paper that a farmer was ignorant of the practices there, but would still send his cattle anyway.

    I hope in six months the abbatoirs are investigated and meet standards and that farmers are compensated for their losses and that the trade continues but not lacking welfare needs of the cattle.

    The Government need to get their act together
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    Ah yes, my OH had a few blank words to say too, about this and about our PM in general. He's in mining but remembers how stressful it was when that was going downhill (just after we bought our house too!) so he/we can sort of understand the pressure this will be putting on the families involved...
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    If that is the case why did they wait until the start of the export season to show the documentary. They had 4 months that they sat on it before the busy mustering season started so that they could start to make changes...

    If it was a viable option then no live export would be great - but with a phasing out period rather than a sudden stop. However like most things it is likely not as easy as it sounds...
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    Please find attached a media release from Barry Haase, Federal Member of Durack regarding the ban on live export to Indonesia.

    Barry Haase

    Federal Member for Durack


    9 June 2011

    Durack livelihoods at risk

    ?The recent knee jerk reaction by the Government to ban live cattle export to Indonesia is further evidence of a Government lacking in foresight and one which has no comprehension of the devastating short and long term effects this ban will have on our pastoralists?, said Mr Haase, Federal Member for Durack.

    ?I am appalled at the treatment of animals in some of the abattoirs in Indonesia as featured on the ABC?s ?Four Corners? and I support the suspension of trade to facilities that fail to comply with acceptable practices. I do not support the total ban of trade.

    ?In a vote grabbing, greenie placating manner, they have poorly managed this state of affairs. Rather than applying some thought into the process, the Government have applied a blanket suspension across ALL Indonesian abattoirs ? including those that comply with appropriate standards and operate consistently with animal welfare practices. What we have here is a city centric Government with no idea about primary production making decisions on a national industry that provides not only a livelihood for Durack families but also contributes to the federal economy.

    ?The action taken by this Government is another example of the failure to competently manage Australia?s export reputation. Unless the government moves quickly to accredit Indonesia?s best practice abattoirs, this ban will just see Indonesia import live cattle from elsewhere and animal welfare standards will not be improved. That is not acceptable and proves this Government believes in the old saying ?out of sight, out of mind?. They obviously have no real concern for animal welfare. ?

    ?The Indonesian live cattle market represents 47% of our total live trade and the sudden announcement, without contingency measures will have a negative effect on the whole Australian cattle industry not just the live export industry in Northern Australia?.

    ?If this Government does not rectify this situation quickly by fast-tracking the approval of abattoirs that do meet our expectations in weeks rather than months we will be in the wet season and pastoralists will not be able to get their stock out to the ports. Even then many of the stock may exceed the 350 kg limit imposed by Indonesia and Australian pastoralists may have no other viable markets to send them to?.

    ?The Government needs to provide an assistance package for the sector stuck with cattle it can no longer sell and the lost value of existing assets. They need to provide an assistance package to deal with existing contracts for both cattle and shipping charter and with the animals already in Indonesia. An urgent contingency plan must be put in place for livestock currently in holding facilities awaiting transport and for cattle producers that have animals in the paddock, costing them money every day that sales are delayed?.

    ?When asked about compensation Ms Gillard looked more like a rabbit in the spotlight than a prime minister,? said Mr Haase.

    ?If the sustainable commercial activity of raising cattle for live export is removed for Pilbara and Kimberly producers there is no justification for their continued habitation on that country. If this is the final outcome who is going to manage that vast expanse of land? Does the state government have a budget to take up those pastoral leases and does the Department of Environment and Conservation have the resources to put caretakers in those homesteads to be the eyes and ears to prevent illegal activity?

    Media contact: De-Arne O?Neil (08) 9021 2035 0407 379 622 De-Arne.O?

    Durack in particular will feel the far reaching consequences of the knee jerk reaction of the Labor Government.

    It is not only the pastoralists who are staring financial ruin in the face, it is everybody associated with the industry. Those affected by this ban include ringers, contract workers, helicopter operators, saleyard workers, feedlot owners and workers along with wharf employees.

    If you feel strongly about the loss of livelihood to your family, neighbours, friends, associates and fellow Western Australians please send an email to both the Prime Minister and the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry ? Senator the Hon Joe Ludwig.

    The contact details are as below

    Prime Minister Gillard

    Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
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    Have refrained from posting anything really here other than reading and liking a lot of comments from a lot of viewpoints...

    Personally..I dislike live export, I understand why there is international trade demand for live beasts - cultural or simply no refridgeration etc.

    I do not condone inhumane treatment of any animal, but I did not sign any petitions because I was looking at both sides as things emerged. Ive been following Indon response to this and I wanted to mention the other side of the coin.

    Indonesia are mocking this really - heres a link to the jakarta post

    Australian ban favors domestic cattle industry: Expert | The Jakarta Post

    I patched into an Indonesian tv on the net and saw the Indo minister for trade almost laughing because...its Ramadan. Muslims are about to embark on a 30 day fast. Their domestic demand for beef of any kind is basically on hold for a month anyway..they were only continuiing agreed supply chains with Australian suppliers because of contractual obligations. Dont think for a second when Ramadan is coming to an end there will not be a host of foreign countries without such strict animal welfare legislation (if any) waiting to fill the void. Even the cambodian local paper the Phnom Penh post has a little mention of increased opportunity to supply indonesian meat markets. So did the Thai papers.

    Lets just destroy a multi million dollar industry, rip the guts out of families already struggling on the land and jeopardise trade relations these people rely on. Dont get me wrong, that footage sickened me, but there are abs doing the right thing, its a matter of assisted management and improvements in a much needed industry, not taking a big stick and spanking a country that really doesnt like being spanked with a big stick.

    I dont like nor condone what is going on, but until jobs are found for all the people affected, livelyhoods are rebuilt for them, homes are replaced for them, towns are shut down because theres no need for a fuel station anymore because no ones left there.....then help the farmers out with subsidies and grants, get this shit sorted IMMEDIATELY and the govt needs to kiss a lot of ass here and internationally over this one. Knee Jerk reaction.​
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    I don't agree with the above and I don't think it was a sudden thing to happen, we have seen it coming for years, there has been a problem with live export for a long time. Maybe these affected people should of have thought of this .... earlier...

    There is no excuse for such cruelty - too late to start sooking about the lost dollars now !!
  9. Lilac

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    Thats exactly right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hardly think that using the Princess of Jordan as a positive referance for someone on the matter of animal welfare is an entirely appropriate use......

    She may have a lovely title (*cough*....FEI) or 2.....but the hat does not make the woman.....or the welfare ideals.....or the dilligence for fair, correct and transparent information...... *cough*
  11. Australian farmers aren't and weren't cruel to their animals!!!
    Why do they have to be punished for doings of the third party they have no control of?';'
    Lets look at the sitution from a horse point of view, it is not the same but similar:
    Imagine that you are a stud in a business of breeding and selling horses, you sold your horse, the new owner bashed it to death, the RCPSA and AA activists rocked up at your do and charged you with animal cruelty.:mad:
    Media follows up and creates a big hoo ha on TV and papers, your name becomes mud in a matter of days, government steps in and foreclose on you. You can't sell any more horses, your are stuck with them with no feed around.
    You can't buy fodder to keep your neddies alive (because there is no money coming in from sales) your horses are hungry.#(
    You also fail to pay your morgage and car for the same reason, you have no income. You can't sell your stock locally and you have no means to transport them anywhere.
    Very soon your only choice would be getting a shot gun out and putting your horses out of misery.:(
    Will it be fair to you as a breeder? Will it be fair to your horses? Wouldn't you want rectification from the stupidity of politicians? How would you look in the eyes of your wife and kids when you'll loose your house for the crime you haven't commited and can't be hold responsible for?';'

    I am dead against animal cruelty, but what's happening to all affected people as the result of the ban is worse than cruelty. It is torture on the highest level, because people unlike animals are able to foresee what will happen to them and their stock as the result of the ban.:mad:
    No farmer enjoys putting a bullet in the head of an animal they've raised, but it's more humane than letting them starve to death.
    So Lilac why don't you go and give them a hand in that grusome task?:}
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    ***Claps and cheers Lena (pretty sure it's Lena)!!!***

    Well said, brilliantly, fantastically, perfectly said my dear friend.

    Here's cheers to you! :)) :)) :))
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    Yer i know of a station just out of brrome that has put of 10 workers another few had had to put off a few and even feedlots in and around perth are starting to put off workers too ... :( Its sad really ... all the farm/station owners are now all saying "What do we do now?" as well as there goes a big cut to our paycheck to keep ourselves going..
  14. GoneRama

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    I know CCH, it's not good.

    I read somewhere that some vegetarian doesn't care if the farmers all hang themselves and that it would only be karma rearing it's head, it's what they had coming :( Also said she hopes they rot in hell #(

    Some people, fair dinkum, the only evidence they are human is their DNA, otherwise I wouldn't believe that they are.:}
  15. Diana

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    For real!? #(
  16. GoneRama

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    For real Diana :(

    I was sick to the core when I read it :(

    Some people have all the compassion in the world for animals yet fail to defend their own species.
  17. cow_chasin_horses

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    Its sad ay ... I have been having huge debates on Animals australia on that site that shall not be named and they are all pretty much vegetarians and think that it is great but what i said to them maybe they should stop for a minute and think about it logically..

    Not everyone is vegetarian not everyone eats only vegies the majority of the world eat meat and the parts we export our australian cattle to do not have the space nor facilities to breed such high quality meat ..

    If we stop sending cattle there then we are stopping a whole country from eating good meat etc .. sure it it was cruel what happened to those cattle but this two happens in out own backyard but is never shown to the public..

    A few of them soon understood but the all say "well send them to perth abs" what they don't realise is that there is a difference in the cow next door in the paddock to the ones that live up north ... they were saying it is also cruel where our australian cattle come from ... these cattle up north are bred for those conditions .. we can't farm the Bos Taurus cattle up north they simply would not do well and would end up dying and being worth nothing as they are not good for those type of climate conditions ... what they also don't realise is that there is not much of a market for the northern cattle down here in perth or in the cities ...

    Sometimes I feel like smashing my head against a wall when they say stuff like that ... :(
  18. Noelle

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    There are a*******s but hopefully they are a minority and this is only one voice.

    That's because animals cant defend themselves, and humans do have different avenues they can try, sometimes.
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    It was also on the news yesterday that the farmers up north are getting death threats from the animal activists up there. There are some bad people out there. I feel for the farmers I really do.
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    Nope, there's stuff all market for the northern cattle in the south.

    For a start, the cattle for export are already fairly light on due to the 350kg restriction so the farmers would have to feed their cattle up to get them to a weight that the south would even be remotely interested in.

    It's just like when Bali got bombed they sent nurses from Darwin over as they're acclimatised to the conditions. It would be no good sending nurses and doctors from down south because they'd last 2 minutes before they go heat exhaustion.

    Same with cows, they're bred for the heat and humidity, to send them down south at the moment I reckon you'd lose most of them due to the cold.

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