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Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by Mod 3, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Regarding the locking of threads.
    Enough is enough.
    If a thread is locked ,it is not for question,it is not for discussion in other threads.It is not for PM's.It is not for sly digs at the moderators(yes we can read between the lines)
    Build a bridge and get over it.
    Mods have enough to do without sorting out petty bickering.
    In future we wont give you reasons ,we will just delete it and any other threads where complaints are made about another being locked.
    It is a challenge to our editing policy which is clearly stated in our terms of use.
    We dont like having to lock threads ,it is done for a reason.That reason may not be clear to you but it is to us.You may not realise we may have had complaints about it or there's content that is against our terms of use.
    The decision to lock a thread is not made by us lightly.Last thing we want to see is threads locked.
    I hope I made that clear enough.
    Happy Posting !
  2. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    Well said Mod 3!
    We are well aware of what is going on within the forums and Mods are getting rather fed up with being challenged, questioned and asked to explain reasons all the time.
    All of the mods consult amongst ourselves and admin when we see issues on the forum - so please note that all decisions are not come to lightly!!!
  3. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I've noticed lots of threads being locked too. Hope things can improve.
  4. Mod 1

    Mod 1 Moderator

    I fully agreed with Mod 3 and Mod be honest I do hate seeing thread getting locked...which is just pity but if members don't behave then we have no choice but to lock it!:(

    We are trying to give the members some benefits to what they post but it has to be within Stockyard's rules, if you followed then it will stay open and keep posting interesting things!

    Have a good day everyone....
    Mod 1:)
  5. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    Might I suggest making this post Sticky, for a few days at least. The rate new posts happen this will need to bumped ever few hours otherwise.
  6. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    What really gets up my nose is when a thread gets locked, and then some twit starts up another thread on exactly the same subject KNOWING full well it will turn into the same argument/line of discussion.....

    The poor mods end up having to sit and watch the entire time....
  7. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I've noticed that too.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2008
  8. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Taeliesyn ,thanks for your suggestion.We usually do make it a sticky topic after the first day of posting.Sometimes with a new post members overlook it if its sticky so we just keep bumping it up until most have seen it.

    Oh and just one more gripe.Can members PLEASE watch their language in threads.Stockyards is for everyone not just adults and some children may be reading.
    Would be very much appreciated.
  9. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Ohhh yeah, pet hate of mine to lol.

    Some people get a bone and just wont let up.

    Wish I could name names lol.
  10. mod 2

    mod 2 Moderator

    Ditto! Its happening all to often! If a thread is closed, it is closed for a reason, DO NOT go opening another to carry on the same conversation.
  11. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

  12. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Thats why I didnt ask a few weeks ago why my thread was closed....I wanted to :D but just thought oh well....must not of been allowed whatever i said LOL
    keep up the good work mods :D

    even though Im never around to see the goings on before a thread is closed :)
  13. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    Yes S&M i had the same thing but i knew who was causing all the bikkering and it sure was not me as i was away for the night having my party.... And once the next day i come back and WAM a new stockyardian decides to bikker there life away and make offencful comments.... I have done some naughties in the past but have learnt now... so.... yup! Me keep my bad mouth to myself!
  14. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    We dont mind if you PM us (not post on forum) and ask why YOUR thread was closed ;)
    As long as you accept the reasons we give
  15. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    i understand mods.. but i clears could see why my thread was closed about the tattoo's.. so no need for PM :)
  16. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Just bumping this up for the night crew !
    As you can see by one of the new threads ,we are human and we do like a little fun as well,as long as its within reason :)
  17. Mod 1

    Mod 1 Moderator

    Another bumpity bump back up to the top again...:p
  18. dustyandbucky

    dustyandbucky Active Member

    yeah i agree. I try to keep out of thread fueds. You guys are doing a great job.

    Bump Bump Bump
  19. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Well-known Member

    I don't have a problem at all with locking threads, yes it is a shame that it has to come to that but sometimes it really is necessary! so thanks mods, I don't like to imagine what this forum would be like without you as I for one certainly wouldn't be here lol :))
  20. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    ~*~*~Bumping Again For Moddies~*~*~
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