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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by ricochet, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. ricochet

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    Hi just wanted to show of my little man "jake"
    He is 18 months old and out of Three solid bars and Spicey Priority
    I think is growing up to be a spitting image of his DAD

    Three Solid Bars (SIRE)


    ' Spicey Priorty" (DAM)

    Hi Colibanqh
    Was also wondering if you had any natural photo of Three Solid Bars :D
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  2. Hi All!:)*
    Jake does look like Arnold as a yearling.:)*
    All Arnie's babies look very good as weaners, then they go all gawky due to being tall babies. When they grow up, they don't fill out.
    Jake will look balanced as a 2.5 yo. Then you'll find his head will look small in comparisson to the body and the hip. He will also develope huge jowlies like his dad. One thing won't change thou - his quiet nature.:)
    The pics of Three Solid Bars on the advert are not photoshoped. It is his natural photo(taken by Carol Darby at the breeding station) and that's what he looked like as a 2.5 year old. He is much bigger and taller now.
    I am very pleased that you are enjoying Jake.
    Good luck with him, Lena:D
  3. PPH

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    He Sam, you beat me to it, iwas going to put up some thing like this to show

    He's filling out sooo nicley, hey Coliban. I'm very impressed.


    sorry, had to let that out.

    Your doing a great job with him Sam. Glad yor happy.
  4. Arnie

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    He is lovely :).

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