Letter from the Chair - wow!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Nattyh, May 7, 2012.

  1. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    So, what do we all think about that letter? Hooley Dooley!

    I'm still trying to digest it myself, but I wondered if perhaps people do have constructive thoughts, we could email to Alistair a link back to this thread? (as he has requested our thoughts come back to him rather than just 'cyber-space')

    In fact, even if they are not consctuctive - if you just want to vent, this is as good a time as any - he says he's listening so ...';' go for it:)*

  2. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    I find it interesting that they say we are not expensive according to other states and don't seem to realise that the majority of people who have left have been because of the fees. If they dropped the fees back down they would likely have a big increase in membership. Although they did shoot themselves in the foot by showing people that they don't have to be members of EWA to compete particularly in the lower levels.

    Each year they raised costs they lost members so they raised costs again... not exactly a brilliant business strategy!

    I was planning on emailing tonight...
  3. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    I think those 12 points to show what our $400 gets us is hilarious!

    A pathway to the olympics! Pfft!

    What should the Board do they ask ? Run some events they suggest !
    What genius came up with that idea.?

    Good lord. I can hardly type.
  4. Omega Conquest

    Omega Conquest Well-known Member

    Was waiting for this email to come out....
  5. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Just read the email this morning,
    I to am not suprised, rising costs, alienation and generally being unworkable as far as anyone trying to use the grounds goes is not a recipe for success! for us the SEC being "let go" means we could loose our grounds which is not something we want but they do need a serious shap up of how everything is run so maybe in some small way its a good thing as they are being forced te have a good hard look at themselves. I think the monthley payment option is a great idea, that will attract a few more that want to join but dont have upfront cash
  6. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Just like any business it's about reducing costs and increasing income.
    I am not so sure putting the hand out qualifies as a good strategy for increasing income?

    I like the idea they are suggesting more shows at the SEC, that would provide more funds.
    Hire the grounds out more to non equestrian option is something to look at.
    Maybe they could take a portion of the grounds and turn it into an agistment/training facility.
  7. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    I agree with that thouroghly Sil! I find it a bit funny that I just recently advised someone to not bother joining EA just join a local riding club because there is absolutely nothing in it for a base level rider...(particularly a country one).
  8. sil

    sil Gold Member

    If they had heaps of shows and then you needed to be a member to save on day memberships and also for pointscores then that would be something worth looking at.

    I wonder why people don't use the grounds for horse shows eg breed shows?
  9. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    because they are ridiculously expensive:( I recently went to a show that was held in the lovely black sand of the warm up arena as the grass was unable to be used due to "maintenance".

    I am def writing and good on the Chair for actually putting it out there.
    More events
    Lower fees to encourage more members
    More grass roots events (look at what PCAWA are doing)
    Maybe the SEC is better being run as a completely seperate entity. The other nearby indoor centre seems to do very well';'
    Incentives for people to be involved with the running of events/volunteering. If you got a discount of your membership next year for volunteering, would that help?
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  10. Showtime1790

    Showtime1790 New Member

    Great Idea! I would denifilty use this option if it was avaliable! Although maybe you could volunteer, say this year, and recive the discount off your membership for the next year! That way it would be pretty easy to police!

    I am a past member but won't join unless the fee's decrease, it costs far too much for what you get. For Showhorse people I only miss maybe 3/4 shows a year becasue I'm not EWA. Especially now that SCH has their own insurance built in.
  11. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    Putting in my bit in case this does get read by EWA (I'm useless at doing letters and figure with the lack of good communication from EWA finding it unlikely they'll bother to follow up on any useful info they are sent) I find it totally unfair all of us should be funding it when only very small percentage of us actually get to use it. Should totally be run as seperate entity and billed to those who use it and organised in such a way they can bring in maximum revenue from it - like Brookleigh has managed to do. I really like your suggestion re Volunteers as well Elanda.
    Making it available more often and to book it out to 'outside' clubs or associations would also help. Week night run training sessions also a good idea. I can't fathom how a venue like this can't be booked out every weekend - all day day long - every weekend of the year??!
    Also if there are government grants to be had to help keep the facility running, why are they not being fought for? Has anyone even sat down with Sporting and Rec of WA to see what funds might be accessible to help?
  12. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    I do think that week night training tests and show jump rounds are a KEY point to increase membership.

    Friday night showjump rounds, wednesday night dressage etc.

    Make it so associate members GET something out of their fees.

    And, I think associate memberships need to be significantly cheaper than official, otherwise people have the mentality of, its just as expensive and I get less so why bother at all
  13. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    i'll be drafting a letter and sending it off... but here are some thoughts a friend and i have been bouncing off eachother.

    -firstly seperating the EWA and SEC. yes the EWA caretakes but the businesses need to be seperate. to me that is the unprofessional bit. this will tidy up the issue of everyone who is an EWA member HAVING to be an SEC member. by forcing EWA members to pay for the SEC in fees, many members who do not get to realise the value of this have left. Offer a discount to EWA members who would also like to take out SEC membership and continue to offer an SEC membership (although i honestly dont see why you would join?? *shrug*). i may not be country but i only use the grounds maybe once or twice a yr too - but would hate to see it lost to developers.
    -promote the venue AS a venue. the *indoor nearby* holds many events and large part of business strategy is to diversify. equestrian gets priority, however i know just how lucrative other entertainment events can be - i am positive that there are a number of events holders that would be interested in the large open spaces that the SEC offers.
    - i have no problem with a busy bee - if i can give half a day/full day so that we can get the centre looking shmick again and financial so that in the future the organisation can just pay ppl to do the work, thats cool with me
    -hold fundraising events. perhaps a ball - i certainly know enough ppl to organise one so who would come? this was pretty much covered in the 'blockbuster' events of the email to us all... but how many jaded members of the equestrian community would get behind this??

    and that is perhaps my biggest question - how many of you jaded members/e-members would overlook your ego to get out there and MAKE the difference to build the business that is our sport?? so many of us have been involved in club committees before and understand that for the number of people that have an opinion and like to voice it, it is only a small percentage that actually pull their fingers out.

    and yes - it is a pathway to the olympics. we all enjoy seeing our aussie riders out there winning us medals, and you cant be that without being a member of the national body... so whilst this doesnt appeal to all riders, it is very much a large part of serious riders career paths. should we not be backing our athletes?? jesus i would hate to see WA loose perry lakes cos little athletics decided that they didnt want to pay for the facility and theres a park in most suburbs. or state swim loose the pools because just about ever council has a pool too.

    i have already said this on FB, but i see it as the current committees plea to the general horse community to fix the problems that the last lot left us with. I dunno if you all read your membership renewals, but the current lot admitted that fees were too high but that we needed to overcome the current financial problems/debt before reducing this and getting back to a much more stable financial state. and i certainly appreciate the chair turning to the community to see how WE would like it done. there are a number of options and they are open to suggestion, so instead of bagging the s*** outta them still (and lets face it, i am NOT happy about the price hike either and would not have likely joined if i wasnt official) i reckon we need to rally and make the difference. personally i would like the memberships reduced, the SEC kept and everyone a little less bitchy and a little more proactive - i will be throwing my support behind reasonable actions to save our sport.
  14. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Running costs aside, is the facility actually suitable for most of the Sports that EA is claiming they exist as the stepping stone for? Is the facility suitable to hold large numbers of spectators comfortably for further events to fund-raise? I find the seating awful, the catering facilities limited, the stables....not saying :p

    Hiring the venue out to other Sports will bring the same questions.

    I do find the venue rather elitist for the facilities it offers - and would probably term it more on par with a Training Facility than the States Best offering for Olympic prospects :eek:

    I don't know how EA would start to bring membership prices down, but cheaper for more members doesn't sound practical, if all the new members are still getting diddly for their $$. That will only speed up broader dissatisfaction - inexcusable in the already struggling horse industry.
  15. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    I agree.

    I think first and foremost, the EWA and SEC need to increase the amount that members get for their membership.

    I think that a lot of people would be happy to pay an associate membership if they could go to an event or training day once a week if they wanted.

    I dont neccasarily agree that the facilities are completely rubbish - I think that instead of sinking more money into facilities, EWA need to run more events... more events, more membership, more membership, more money, more money, better facilities, better facilities, more members!
  16. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    I would LOVE to be able to hire the arena (even shared) on a regular basis but there is just 1 problem, its only available during work hours and well... I am at work then! It would be great if you could hire it during the week at say 7pm or over weekends if there are no events. Events will obviously take priority.

    I also know it is very expensive for clubs to hold shows that which puts a lot of people off!

    I agree, separate the EWA and SEC and make the EWA more affordable and the SEC run on its own with realistic hire fees etc and encourage people to use it. It would be great to see it being used daily!
  17. PaintHorse

    PaintHorse New Member

    I just received my post and email letters..... I can't say I was totally surprised that the ewa has come to this. I renewed this year, but I will not next year if there are not some amazing changes in store this coming here. I, too, will be drafting a letter, though I had no reply to any of my previous letters this year. I do, however, appreciate the chair person opening a line of communication with its constituents.
    Changes which would improve my likelihood of renewing next year:
    - STOP moving the year of membership around. I have been a member for the last 11 years and it has happened twice, both times resulting in less then a full year's membership being tendered
    - RETURN the indemnity insurance that we previously had as part of our insurance (the poorly announced removal of this was highlighted in the Horse magazine in Ryan's Rave.... I wonder how many people had noticed the change?
    - realize that not all members compete in Olympic disciplines..... I compete in the show horse and breedclasses, and have to pay membership for other clubs in order to compete, as ewa holds very few sanctioned shows.... When push comes to shove, I cannot afford all of the memberships. We are equestrians too, just as people who show western, saddle seat and in hand are, but we get left in the shadows and are forced to,turn to other clubs (ironically who hold more shows at the big indoor venues the the ewa does?
    - realize that only a few of their riders are at all local to the sec... It is a long drive, costs us more to compete at, and we still have to pay blasted helper fees.... For one show last year, it was going to cost more for levys and ground fees then my actual classes!
    - consider discipline - specific membership fees, so the 4 people competing at the upper levels shoulder more of their own burden (the lower level riders, who make up the vast majority of entries at things like ODEs really don't appreciate slogging around over the worst footing and over the old worn-out jumps while a handful of upper level riders get the full run of the indoor and the finest xc tracks.
    I DO appreciate the move to let people pay month - to - month.... Perhaps we could even consider letting people join in whatever month they would like? I know I was put off when I moved to Australia and I wanted to join, but was told my membership, though full priced would only be valid for 2 months.... Perhaps some where in this equnnect program there is a facilty for this ?
    Hopefully with enough feedback, we can make the ewa worth joining again? Otherwise my horse's rego papers will just be a fancy place mat if they fold.....
  18. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Um- you can?? You just need to pay extra for lights...';'
  19. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    When I looked it up it said you couldn't? Will go for another look as I was really hoping to do that before HOTY.
  20. pso

    pso Gold Member

    ring- dont just look ;) ...website often isnt updated- I've never had a problem with after work bookings... (ok- yes- another issue- all info should be online)

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