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    Hi all,

    I live in the Moore River region and work in Joondalup and I have my darling pony that I don't get to ride enough. She is a sweetheart, but she needs more consistent work, and I don't feel like my riding is doing her justice.

    I take her on trail rides and wander around everywhere from the river to the pony club but she needs more than that and can get flighty (she has a magnificent imagination). My mother feels unsafe on her. She's 14.1 Aus pony X and thinks she's a damn Thoroughbred.

    I'd like to start taking regular lessons to learn how to ride properly for the first time! I'm a backyard bumpkin and it's really starting to show
    Does anyone have any recommendations for lessons in this area? I'd like to use another horse and take what I've learned home. I don't compete and don't want to pay for a trainer to come to our property.

    I don't mind some travel, as long as I can find somewhere friendly (I've worked at riding schools in the past... I know how they can be haha). I really just want to learn how to ride properly, as much as I love being bareback in shorts I would just like a little bit more.

    Thanks in advance.

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