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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Andrew, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    My wifes show horse has a serious floating problem.He falls over on left hand corners and bends.we only need to be crawling and down he goes.he has gotten trapped a couple of times and has made it impossible to float with my show horse .he doesn't panic when he falls and doesn't want to get of.he loads easy and can be floated only if the divider in the float is open.cozzy is a great horse and we are out of ideas can anyone help
    thanks tam and drew
  2. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    I had a horse with a similar problem - if she was in the left hand side of the float she couldn't turn right and if she was on the right hand side of the float she couldn't turn left. The only thing that I found I could do was take out the centre petition and she was then fine. The only problem with this is she could only float by herself. Only other suggestion is if there are windows in your float try blocking them out he can't see when you are turning, this has been known to help some horses.

  3. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    ooo i no what you mean. no matter how slow, the horse will still lose his ballance around corners.
    what kind of matting do you have? our neighboughs spent lots of money getting this antislip matting in the bottom of the float and all the horses would slip around corners on it. it look like the horse wouldnt slip type material but turned out to be much much worse. She has now got a new float with different matting and all the horses seem to be ok with it. I also find horses that are shod are much more likely to slip or stumble around corners than what they ever did before they had shoes on.

  4. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Hi Andrew,

    I know how you feel. I have a mare that since I got her has given herself a name "scrambles" when I got her she was trucked up fine but pulled a shoe. no biggy so I thought. well i was wrong till I went to load her again. I do not know what happened on the truck I'm thinking sharp turn, falling, shoe pulled.

    Any way ever since then I could get out and beat my mum driving around the corner walking, watching my mare go down after time after time after time always left.

    It got to the stage where we had to plan our trip with no or minium left turns. Even if we had to right the right again to back on the road that could of gone left one turn.

    We tryed floating her, both sides of the bays, taking the divider out, floating her backwards, on a few angles. We even feed her in the float for a month and i could ride her in and out no worries. It was just the movment.

    I cant offer any help as she still does it now but we have to plan our trips for right hand turns and float her by herself so she doesnt hurt anyone:( It got so sad once I had to walk her the rest to trip to the vets she was covered in white foaming sweat from stressing more cuts and blood on her than ever before. She has even layed down well from falling down in the float from being so scared. She is currently in Geraldton on a spell and she was trucked there. Now the truck transporter guy told me he will never truck her again:( and he told the only other guy that trucks horses this far so now no - one will pick her up when the time comes. But I did say that she is a scrambler but only left. They didnt care it was only money till they saw the inside of there truck when she was sitting down shaking.:(

    if you work it out please tell me [​IMG]

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  5. C HORSE

    C HORSE Well-known Member

    My horse started to scramble on the way home from a show once! (which was a two hour drive)
    The only way he would travel after that and a lot of trying different things was with the divider bar open on an angle (like you already do) with shadecloth put up over the window.
    I know that you were saying that you have two horses to float so this will not help your problem but maybe try the shadecloth stuck up over your window???? I like the shadecloth idea better than covering up the window all together because if your anything like me you like to see your horse while you are travelling!!!
    Hope I have been of some help to you !!
  6. Eileen

    Eileen New Member

    i have the same prob my horse always falls but at EVERY corner she is fine with getting on and is fine when she gets off but during the float she is very unstable. i just put extra cloths around her so she cant fall down!! it is also because we have a heavier horse with floats with her and the float tipps a bit and that make it hard for her to balance!! Eileen
  7. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    With floating of a larger horse and a pony , the larger horse should always be floated on the high or drivers side of the float , and the pony on the low side . This will help to make the float more level.
    Our stockhorse is a scrambler , but if I have had to float him with another pony , I have left the centre divide out. This has helped, but have had to go very slowly round the sharp right hand bends.

  8. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    Anyone got any ideas as a easy and safe way to back a reluctant horse out of the float? She has a bit of a problem going on, but that is nothing compared to coming off!!! She will quite happily stay in the float, but as soon as her back feet are halfway down the ramp when coming off (generally takes about 1/2 hr ti get her to that stage) she lifts her head and rushes off. She has hit her head a few times, so that is making her more and more reluctant to load and come off, but she won't come off without rushing - we tried for about 2hrs today!!! Once she's on, she's marvelous, but ......

    HELP please!!!
  9. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Sounds like she is scared of the angle on the ramp. Try playing with walking her all over the ramp which ever way you can to try and de sensitise her to the feel of the slope and make the slope feel comfortable for her. Whenever she stays on the ramp and relaxes reward her heavily. This may help.

  10. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    I don't think it's the ramp, as she will stand on it quite willingly, it's the middle of the float, when her head is just inside the back. I'm assuming she walloped her head a few times, but I'm at a loss as to how to show her that it is alright, unless I get an open topped float...
  11. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Teach your horse to back up on the ground with a simpe cue. When doing that easily, do it through a small gap, stable doorway is usually really good. Get a bum rope of somme kind and get her use to it. (usually doesn't take long) and teach her to come forward with pressure. Load her on the float leave her a little while, then with the back up cue aske her to back off. At the same time have the bum rope on her ready to apply a little pressure if she begins to rush. Talk to her gently as she is coming of, and if she can manage it halt before she get to the point of rushing (without pulling on the lead as she will more than likely throw her head up and hit it). This is where the bum rope comes in handy. Just remember slow and steady. When she is comfortable ask her to calmly back the rest of the way out of the float. When out of the float ask her to stand facing the float for a second or two, then quietly walk of. Never let her run of the float and turn away from the float staight away. This can sometimes take a while to achieve. So give yourself plenty of time when you first give it a try on the float. After a couple of successful attempts you should see an improvement. Just remember to keep yourself calm, if you become nervous so will your horse. Loading and unloading on the float is something you should try and do with her everyday, so that it beomes second nature to the both of you. Something else that may be worth considering is a poll guard for your horse. It fits between the ears and offers padding so they don't hurt themselves if they hit there heads on something.

    Good luck
  12. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    Thanks kp, I never even thought about a poll guard... we've been trying the slow and steady, she backs up on the ground ok (but it seems to be a new trick!!) however, if I let her stand in the float when trying to get her to back out, she'll rush straight through you to get up to the chest bar again, so you have to start again... it does get pretty frustrating, but I've been quite proud of myself, I haven't lost my cool once with her yet!!! She does need to learn a lot more respect for me, so she doesn't go through me... but we've plenty of time...
  13. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Hi I have a few different ideas which may help your problem.Firstly have you tried a lunge rope behind her bum until she comes off.Someone at the back to pat her and reassure her whilst shes coming off.Do you have a bum bar or chain as in my experience Ive found a bum bar works better,and try not to hurry the taking away of the bum bar just reassure her again.Try having her favourite food and feed her as she comes to the part of the float which she rushes off on.Another thing to try is to back the float up in such a way that the back door is flat rather than tilted this may help.Let me know if none of these things work with her and Ill give you some other ideas....Goodluck from Tammy
  14. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    Thanks, but before I tackle the rushing off, I think I had better try and just get her off. She won't back up - is ok on ground...- but doesn't want to get off. Once her head is near the back of the float, then the rush is on, but getting her to that stage is becoming beyond a joke!!!
  15. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Another thing I've seen someone do is put I tight standing martingale on the horse before backing of the float. This horse eentually stopped rushing out. All it does is stops the horse from throwing its head up and hitting it. So if fear of hitting her head on the way out is causing her to rush out this will eventually solve the problem. Jus another idea you can give a go.
  16. Kateena

    Kateena Active Member

    Thanks guys, your help is invalueable....
    I've really just got to spend a couple of hours with her, on, off, on, off until she's so sick of me all I have to do is point!!! (i wish)
  17. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    In regards to putting shadecloth over the window a friend swears by putting on a shadecloth flyveil before the pony goes anywhere near the float. He will float fine after that as he is a scrambler but even though he is floated fairly regularly if anyone forgets the flyveil the problem still occurs.
  18. CJ

    CJ New Member

    what about parking the float in her paddock, and put a feed in it so she has to go in the float to get it and walk herself out. Giving her as long as it takes then without the pressure of you asking her to get off she will realise it is not a stressful thing

  19. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    Tried putting the mare in an open topped float. The difference is astounding!!! She didn't put a foot wrong going up or off the open topped float. So we thought we'd try the enclosed float... oh well, I'll just have to get an open topped float for her...
    Thanks for all your suggestions guys. We tried a few, unfortunately, it stressed her out so much that I think I'll give it a rest for a while, but I would like her to be able to be comfortable going on and off any sort of float

    Kateena (on Nikiwink's computer)

    :) Nikiwink :)
  20. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    most horses do prefer an open top float. closed floats are very chlostraphobic. we have an old one that we use for training and if we have horses that dont like floating much


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