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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Sharaway, Jun 29, 2011.

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    I know the full details are possibly a LONG way off......but figure that for the next few weeks at least ponies can stay in WA until things are a little clearer (not that I have anywhere to keep them over here anyway!)
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    Thankyou everyone that replied, sounds really horrible and I hope the horse community in QLD stays safe. Lets hope the scientists can answer some questions so you can protect your horses and family.

    EVP-- I think its amusing that the spokesperson can say that they have more brains and care for their horses better. If he had more brains he wouldn't have put himself on such a high petastool (S/P)? and be proven wrong.

    Stay safe all of you in the hendra areas
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    Yet another Hendra death in Logan. Very interesting read on this case on the Biosecurity site, the horse survived Hendra by the looks of it. Makes you wonder how many other horses out there that have been infected and recovered without anyone ever realising what was going on.
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    Mmmm saw that posted on another forum few days ago, could get interesting for the TB racing industry now, breeding season just around the corner....

    Link available on the Bio site for the draft Hendra bill for those interested.
  9. Ponies4Me

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    ....and now Qld biosecurity have announced a suspected Hendra death at Chinchilla, waiting for results to confirm this afternoon. First time that QB have made an announcement prior to having confirmation.

    Also a fair way inland compared to any of the others.
  10. feather feet

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  11. Ponies4Me

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    Chinchilla now confirmed :(
  12. EVP

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    This "Dr Taylor" might be a bat expert but I wonder how often he spends outside his cave?

    I wonder if Dr Taylor owns race horses of the TB kind? Sounds very odd that someone would come out with such pollywaffle and blanket blame horse owners for the transmissions of on the heels of that other 'gentleman' who postulated that only 'recreational horse owners were at risk of HENDRA'.

    Yep they both must be bat experts - DINGBATS that is!!

    I vote Dr Taylor gets this weeks "POLLYWAFFLE PRIZE".......

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  14. Ponies4Me

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    That is seriously bloody scary :(

    .....and to think that the Bio info sessions have been saying hendra can be carried in cats, pigs and ferrets. But NOT

    Wonder if the Govt will get serious about putting some money into this now....
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    they are trying to reassure us by saying that..but the truth is..not even the experts know WTF is happening..thats the worrying part..they dont know whether to euthanize the dog or keep it for observation..wont be long before it will jump straight a human..i dont care what they will happen..then we are all f*****:( what are we supposed to do with our dogs? keep them indoors 24/7..dont let them near our horses? wear full bio suits to feed them aswell? not taking this news very well at all....#(
  16. TBPA

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    This is very very scary the implications of the dog being infected are terrible. I get the impression that the dog is not sick?
  17. samm

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    Considering Nipah virus has been found in dogs previously and Hendra is closely related to Nipah virus then it's not that surprising.Was only a matter of time before another species became infected.
    Hopefully the vaccine will become available sooner than rather than later.:}
  18. Ponies4Me

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    The dog tested neg x 2, then tested positive to antibodies (from the chief VO) which means at some point the dog did indeed have hendra.

    For those that haven't looked at the hendra awareness site - there is a piece on there that states: following a hendra horse death that an elderly lady and her cat died unexplained deaths, neither were tested for Hendra. In another outbreak a possum was found that to the people that saw it looked like it had rabies (foaming at the mouth etc) again not tested.

    Anyone else find the fact that the dog tested neg x 2 before giving a positive result just a tad alarming?
  19. TBPA

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    According to my source at least two years. That seems like a long time after what has gone on this year ';'
  20. samm

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    Well think about it TBPA,there's probably many more that would test positive if they were tested in the first place.You don't know if you dont test them.I'll take the bet theres a number of doggies out there carrying hendra antibodies ,they just haven't been tested for it.
    Obviously something in the status quo has changed for more cases of it now.
    Do the math on the % of bats carrying it 2 years ago to now.

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