Large Trakehner Herd starved in Spain

Discussion in 'News Items' started by primrosecourt, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. primrosecourt

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  2. Playin With Fire

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    That is so horrible. Imagine being the previous owner of that gorgeous mare and seeing that. Would break your heart. How can people do it?? I will never understand.
  3. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    OMG that so horrible, here we are trying promote the breed and elsewhere in the world that is happening. I cant stop crying.
  4. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    Wouldnt it just!! really makes me seriously wonder about 'stuff' when you read things like can it still happen continuosly in this day and age in a supposidly civilised 'western' culture??

    very very sad thoughts go out to not only the poor old mares but also Holme Grove stud who entrusted their preciuos horses with 'new' owners who were meant to love and cherish them as much as Holme Grove Stud would have done at the beginning of their lives.
  5. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    That is just heartbreaking......:( :mad: :(
  6. pso

    pso Gold Member

    oh :(

    the pics on the german site are appalling..

    poor things...:(
  7. alidavanna

    alidavanna New Member

    just bull@#$% really....
    my friend actually rescued about 20 horses here recently and rehomed them- 10 died on the property
  8. miss_skoobz

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    I too saw this on the site whilst looking for a new filly picture :( Absolutely heartbreaking. I have had a knot in my stomach since seeing it. Appalling and cruel, how someone could do this to a horse or any other animal is beyond imagination.. Poor mares :( My heart goes out to you, RIP beautiful girls :(:(:(
  9. smarttoy28

    smarttoy28 New Member

    that is bloody awful how could any person do that to such a beautiful animal my god its way beyond me.
    they should be starved to death see how they like it.
  10. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    by the sounds of this thread im not even going to look as i would be sick to stomac!!!just reading what is on here now makes me sad:(
  11. GiGi

    GiGi Guest

    Is there any update on this ?? I was actually just in Medina Sidonia, in Andalusia, and someone told me about this.
  12. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Havent heard anything and it was on the Trakehners website. Would be great to hear some good news.
  13. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

  14. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    i wish she would go to jail for the rest of her life!!:mad::mad:
    maybe she should be starved to death!!!:mad:
    grrrr, makes me so angry!!!!
  15. Ritadee

    Ritadee New Member

    It's absolutely appalling. Some people shouldn't be allowed near animals let alone own them. My heart breaks for all the horses lost to such cruelty. Words escape me I'm so upset. Stick the owner in a paddock/meadow with no feed or water see how she likes it. Grrrr. :mad:#:)( RIP ALL THE LOVELY HORSES.
  16. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member

    Her excuses in the follow up artices were insufficient, I think its terrible that she won't accept responsibility.
    There is obviously some unreported issues with this case too- why would you let that many valuable horses like that starve if you ran out of money?? You'd think it'd be easy to find buyers of horses of that calibre...
  17. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Just found this update.

    I cant believe she is only banned from having horses for two years.

    Trakehner Breeding Fraternity
    Trakehners UK

    Many people have asked to be kept informed regarding the status of the horses that were taken to Spain – how well the remaining ones are, and exactly what has been happening. Full facts have been difficult to determine, and we have been in regular touch with World Horse Welfare and some people who are in Spain, but the situation is still not absolutely clear.

    We were also a little constrained by the fact that Suzy Jenkins, the person who owns the horses, and took them to Spain, was also being prosecuted by the RSPCA, with World Horse Welfare support, for incidents that occurred immediately before she went to Spain with the remainder of the horses. This case has now been heard, and she was found guilty on seven of the eight counts put to her, although an appeal may still be lodged. We are given to understand that the judgement includes a two year ban on her keeping horses. This is, however, probably applicable only in the UK, as there are no harmonising agreements on this subject in the EU, so the Spanish situation remains outstanding as an issue.

    The TBF position on this has been quite clear, and has the support of World Horse Welfare:

    we will not transfer moneys to the current owner, or in respect of any scheme that leaves the horses in her possession
    we will seek to gain assurance as to the welfare of the remaining horses, both in the medium and the long term
    when and if a scheme is developed which has legal and practical support to achieve the long term welfare of the horses, and money is required to assist in this, we shall make this available from TBF funds as appropriate.

    We hope that Members will agree to this policy. If an urgent move is required, then the Board feels it has the power to make money available, but in any event we are open to comments and representations on the subject. A meeting with World Horse Welfare has been tentatively arranged for the near future.

  18. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    this is horrid !! :mad:#(

    but it is happening in your own home town too #:)mad::(

  19. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    oh my god.:(#:)mad:

    i haven't looked in this thread yet as the title gave me the chills.

    there are no words to describe those photos or the story...

    RIP beautiful ponies...
  20. Wrangler Miss

    Wrangler Miss Well-known Member

    I hope that woman burns in hell :(

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