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  1. Talz

    Talz Active Member

    Hi all

    Just wanted some advice or opinions on my mares lameness. She has been lame on her near fore for nearly 2 weeks now, although was a little tender for a few days before this. I thought it was just because she has no shoes on and the ground is a lot different at her new agistment (lots of gravel and rocks and quite hard clay ground as opposed to the black sand in WA we had before she moved) but then the weekend before last she couldnt put much weight on the foot, so I pinch tested it and she was very sore to the RHS of the frog so I thought abcess and hot poulticed it with animalintex for a week and bandaged and kept the hoof boot on. After the first week, still trying not to bear weight on it and hobbles with me up to the stable block so I got the farrier out.

    Farrier says its not abcess it seems like a bad stone bruise and they sometimes take 2-3 weeks to improve, give her another week and bandage with a dry poultice and smear hoof in Venice Turpentine to toughen up the hoof, as there is a small area to the side of the frog about the size of a 10 cent piece that is quite soft and spongy. He was confident that she would be sound in a week, it was Monday this week I had him out.

    Well, havent had any improvement each day and when I was up yesterday I decided to take her for a walk on the concrete in the stable block without the bandage and the boot, and she was hardly sore and only favouring that hoof a little but able to put weight on it.

    So, I just want to know what everyones thoughts on this are? Any suggestions to what I should do? (Oh, have a vet coming out on Monday as well) Also a bit worried as this is the same hoof she had surgery on earlier in the year as she had an infection in the pedal bone.

    Sorry for the extra long post, please help!!
  2. samm

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    I think the fact the mare has had previous issues with pedal bone infection in that hoof that its wise you are getting the vet.Better to be safe than sorry.
    Theres some excellent stuff you can get from farrier supplies called solepack.Its a bit like blutack but a bitumen sort of colour and you pack it in the sole and it acts as a cushion.Its also wonderful for abcesses ,stone bruises etc etc.You dont need to bandage with it either.
    I use to use it on an old horse I had the would abcess at the drop of a hat and it gave him a lot of relief.
  3. Talz

    Talz Active Member

    Thanks Samm, I have heard of sole pack, might have to give it a go. I have got hold of the vet and they are now coming out this evening so hopefully they have good news.
  4. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    hey Talz - I know your frustration, I went through the same thing and it 4 weeks on we are finally all better!
    My guy had an abcess - took 2 weeks for it to come out (one week of poulticing).
    Prior to that we were unsure and hoof testers did not pick it up.
    I still wasnt happy once the abcess was open and took him to vet - who opened, cleaned out etc.
    He was still tender after that as we had to get shoe & pad back on.

    I tried everywhere to find Venice Turpentine - the vets told me it had gone off the market as it is very toxic? Also, wouldnt try hardening the area just incase there is something there trying to come out.

    anyway - considering she has already had surgery there, would definately be going to vet - saves waiting and wondering. :)
  5. pso

    pso Gold Member

    S'n' should be able to get venice of turps at your stockfeeder...I think most of the Allstock ones can get it....:))
  6. Talz

    Talz Active Member

    Have had the vet out this morning and he nerve blocked the hoof so he could get in and have a better look, he found a track in the point of the frog and has pared out some of the frog and yay we got pus!! He cleaned out the area thoroughly and has poulticed to keep drawing it out and she is on gentamisin (sp) and penicillin for 5 days, he isnt 100% sure that that is it and I have to take her in for x rays this week just to check and make sure that its not an underlying issue with the pedal bone.

    He has also found that her soles are really soft and this is why she is so tender on them, the pinchers were sort of bouncing on them, and he has recommended a corrective shoeing farrier here who can sort this out.

    So, hopefully the x rays will come up all clear and then she should be right.
  7. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    How can corrective shoeing address soft soles???

    Corrective shoeing addresses only problems created by shoeing predominately.

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