Kenoath's abscess has burst......

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by GoneRama, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Such assumptions beagle....see note to PF earlier! Debate is the forum, argument is the constructed communication involved in the forum ;)

    Strangely though we actually agree...this horse indeed needs to see a main claim...probably not you though as whilst not a couch but I do guess you might be seated in a chair!

    Princeton, a hoof abscess is an infection. It causes destruction of tissue in it's localization...hence you see the hole in this horse's hoof. An infection can spread to involve other structures deeper in the hoof. One of the concerns is the pedal bone...a very porous bone in the horses foot. If an infection gets into the pedal bone if infection gets into this structure you can have destruction of the bone....anyway I could go on but this is one of the reasons xrays are required to check for evidence of further destruction. It helps with diagnosis and treatment options.
  2. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    hmm whilst i am currently seated in a chair to type the reply my main occupation is out & about seeing caes like this, not hiding behind a counter filling out prescriptions.

    my best advice, is follow your vet's advice, not people who are on this forum.
    if you've noticed, i don't give advice as i am not seeing this case in person. best thing - shut up until you've seen it first hand.
    over & out.
    debates are not something i studied at uni.
  3. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    *gets popcorn out*....nom nom nom :))
  4. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    SHEESH! I go out to the station for a few hours to ride one horse, feed and treat another and come back and this thread has flared up again :eek:

    Kenoath is certainly a hot topic!

    You're right Princeton. Believe me I was thinking that once an abscess blew out it was pretty much instant relief too but perhaps that is in ideal situation ie civilisation. ';' This horse is certainly providing me with a hell of a big learning curve.

    I'm thinking he's a bit tender on this foot due to there being a little bit of exposed corium in the abscess hole which gets agitated by stones and rocks. I have taken Claireb's advice and packed the hole as best I can with betadine soaked cotton wool tonight so will see how that goes. He has always had ouchy moments on stoney ground. When he was in the cattle yards yesterday where it was nice powdery dirt he was fine yet tonight down the end of the air strip where it's stony and there's coffee rock he was tender.
  5. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Where to from here? I have no idea ';'

    I know he can't stay out here, that's plain as day but I can't do much in the way of moving him on while he's like this so primary concern...get him sound. He's booked in for x-rays and veterinary examination (as is the dog now too :} ) in 2 weeks time. See how that goes and if he's never going to be riding sound again well, looks like I'll have to say my good byes :( I have to give him the benefit of the doubt first.

    If he will be riding sound again I will be talking to his old owner who said when I bought him this time last year that if he won't be able to handle it up here then she'll give me my money back and take him back. The problem is that ex-owner has relocated to Boddington in WA thus transport ain't going to be cheap. I'm thinking of saying that I'll offer to pay half the transport costs down here (he only cost me $1500).

    The station manager has just offered me one of the plant horses to work for a while so will see how that goes. If Kenoath can go back to his old owner I probably won't worry about lashing out and buying a new horse until next dry and just work some of the plant horses for the station in the mean time.
  6. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Beagle again you confirm you agree with me yet again...that is right a real life vet is required, in fact a real life vet with an xray machine is even more ideal! You just might have to accept you actually agree with me...debate tip...attempts should be made to formulate a counter argument and not simply agree or confirm you oppositions stance!
  7. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    excellent GR.
    go with the expertise of the training, the knowledge & the experience.
    hope he is all good for you.
  8. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Ok so this hoof abscess is not following the normal trend. Why can't people embrace this thread and learn as much as they can because it's obviously a unique case. Let's provide this thread as a learning ground for others so they can look at my mistakes, my situation and go 'hmm, that's interesting'. You can learn something from everyone.

    For example.....

    There is very little photos of swamp cancers online and both my OH and I are hoping to get over to Croker Island one day and have a look at the brumbies over there where Swamp Cancer is just rife in the herd. We want to take photos and record our observations and put them on a forum such as this so that if anyone else out there moves to the tropics and suspects their horse has Swamp Cancer they can google and up pops our photos and record of observations.

    With this thread I really hope that it can help anyone who googles Hoof Abscess. I really hope that it may help someone who has a horse who is perhaps having a few difficulties with an abscess.

    As we all know, this is a public forum, ANYONE can read it.
  9. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    oh jeezus RR when will you get off the debate box?
    you must be quite boring at parties....
    (yah yah go on about using personal attack as not being a good tactic.....
    blah blah blah)
    did i not tell you i didn't like debating/
    i prefer to have my clients listen, nod agreeably then pay me. full stop.
    no debating otherwise i won't treat your animal again.....;)
  10. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Right, enough is enough!!!

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts, your concerns and sharing your knowledge. This thread has gotten far too out of hand, I have asked for people to please keep it on track for the benefit of others so that it won't have to be closed. This has not happened and I am really disappointed, not for myself but for anyone else who is genuinely interested in a HUMAN conversation and learning something about hoof abscesses.

    Cheers for now.
  11. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    So I am taking you don't follow the concordance model of health care delivery in your veterinary practice?

    The only thing you have done beagle is personally attack me...which is fascinating....but you really would be better off actually attempting to demonstrate any observation or recommendation I have made is flawed. But by getting personal all you are doing is confirming that i have got up your nose and the best you can do is agree with me and well be nasty. How clever ;)
  12. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

  13. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Hoof abcesses it is Gr...
  14. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Nope, too far off track RR :(
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