Kelmscott-Rolyestone fire

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  1. bubblez

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    I just wanted to say an amazing HUGE thank you to the WA horse community! Yesterday arvo and evening was full on, terrifying and exhausting trying to help get as many livestock out of the danger areas as quickly as possible!! Thank you to everyone who posted my number and message out there, and to my friends who helped organise dog boarding kennels and catteries and people to take animals and horses in! Also a huge thankyou to the lovely lady I randomly stopped on the side of the road to help try and get bayleys neighbours horses out! And Im sorry for stopping you in the middle of the road LOL! Also a huge thankyou to the many many people who emailed, pmed, called and texted me all day today to offer agistment and help moving & relocating horses and other pets & animals!!! If anyone knows of anyone who needs help please let me know I have a HUGE list of people available to help where needed!
    Thank you everyone and to my dear friends who have done such a wonderful job, Im SOOO proud to call you my friends!
  2. Neighlands

    Neighlands Well-known Member

    So sorry about your Mum - my thoughts are with you.

    So many people have done such a wonderful job this weekend.
  3. JustJam

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    Aly, I recon just about every Stockie is 'interested'... and that is a lot of Stockies sending big hugs to you and healing vibes to your Mum! ;) :))

    And I also recon just about every Stockie is extremely grateful to your Mum, and all the people, across all the Emergency Services, vollys, friends, familys and strangers for their efforts!

    Big cheers to them all :))
  4. Lokenzo

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    Well said JJ. Wishing your Mum all the best Aly.

    Does anyone know how Dayna and Tailysen (Sp?) are? I have been thinking about them this whole time too and know their street was hit hard.
  5. oh i dont no if what i said came across sarcastic when i said and for people that are interested. its just what i wrote but it can come across differently!

    just know that some people are following her progress very closely, as she has friends on here :)
  6. samm

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    Very relieved to just find out my step-daughters house is still standing.The fire was stopped a street away by our wonderful firefighters.A sincere thank you to all our vollies and fire fighting crews for the job they do in protecting lives and homes.

    Also relieved to find out that she managed to get fresh medication today(she's a severe diabetic) as they had to leave very quickly yesterday and she only had enough supplies for overnight.

    Aly,best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mum.
  7. taeliesyn

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    We are some of the lucky ones in our street. Our back garden is burnt, fences damaged and patio singed. Our pets and us are safe and hopefully will be able to return home tomorrow to start cleaning up.

    We too have been overwhelmed with the generousity of our friends and community with the many offers of accomodation for not only us but our pets too until we can get back home. For this we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

    There is a lot of heartache in our street at the moment with many houses destroyed or damaged.
  8. paula223

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    So Bloody Glad you are Both ok & Your Animals xxxxxxxxxxxx
    What a very Sad Time for lots of people :(
  9. oldtenth

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  10. Webby

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    :mad:Ok how friggin stupid can one person be..................


    Yet one person in Kelmscott has decided to use his angle grinder to build his patio!!!

    For Crying out loud, do somepeople have no brains!!!#(

    Houses were lost in Kelmscott less than a week ago from a fire started by an angle grinder

    Webbly goes off to bang her head against a brick wall:mad:
  11. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    I'm hoping you called the police before you posted here !
  12. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    no good hey. I've been building as well but have been viligent in checking the fesa website for bans before I start work. So far its put us a week behind but definately not going to risk it!
  13. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    I didnt see it, i heard it on the scanner that fireies and rangers were heading out to a guy using an angle grinder turns out it was building a dinghy i think !!! :confused:

    I really thought there wouldnt be anyone stupid, guess he been living in the clouds (smoke ones) the last week

    ETA - Rangers werent that enthusastic in attending - WTF is wrong with people
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  14. deelee

    deelee Well-known Member

    OMG God! Mum said Kelmscott is full of those flashing signs on the side of the road telling everyone no power tools, total fire ban etc. Hope you reported them!
  15. RPS

    RPS Well-known Member

    Are you sure it wasn't in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale we had the same issue about 3 years ago when we reported our idiot neighbour ( a tenant ) for welding and grinding in an open paddock in 40 degree heat with dead grass 6ft high ( 15m from the boundary fence and 30 metres from our house ) and all sorts of crap laying around on his property. They didn't care then nor did the local police. Pretty typical really wait till the worst happens then try and do damage control and buck passing.
    What ever happened to prevention is better than cure but then hang on common sense doesn't exist anymore even in government departments#(.

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