Kelmscott-Rolyestone fire

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    Our place is still ok, can't get in there but the boys are there and while we aren't out of the woods, so far so good. Will be ready to help my neighbours that haven't been so lucky. Best wishes to your mum aly. And thanks s&m. Won't forget this weekend.
  2. Sallighted

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    Okay I can give an update, I have just left the fire zone on the hillside above Colli and Sons. I have been up fighting the fire, brought our fire fighting unit up from boddington at 4.00pm yesterday. We were in Cope Place there are 10 houses in that street including my in-laws and his grandparents. They were all evacuated but we stayed. We managed to save all the houses in the street bar the one that had already burnt before we got there. Must say a big thankyou to the firies who thought it was great that we were keeping that one small street safe (which freed them up for other jobs) but also turned up perfectly at the right time when we had a large garden shed go up and it got a little out of hand. I am now moving up to my parents house in Urch Road to check that they are okay.

    One thing... if anyone needs long term spelling for any sort of livestock I have 600 acres in boddington that they are welcome to take them too whilst you are recovering/rebuilding. Chances are you will possibly know me anyway as we have lived in the Kelmscott/Roleystone area forever. Please call 0433 330 526 and talk to Sophie and she will direct you... my phone has gone flat now but will be recharged soon my number is 0437 906 510.
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  3. Turner Rd is just a 100m or so up from our street, and Cockram is right behind our place so we're just out of the immediate danger zone according to this. There is a roadblock a few meters up from our turnoff.

    BUT in saying that it looks very quiet at our end of Kelmscott at the mo, very little smoke, fire looks pretty much out from here and although the area is on alert it looks like they have everything under control.
  4. sil

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    Have you evacuated Merrylegs? If the wind changes you could be in trouble.
  5. Jez

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    I just came down from Roleystone High school - Helitacs are very busy in an area that looks like its up the top of chevin road way - disappointed to see how many drivers going into Roley via soldiers road chose to ignore opportunities to pull over and let fire units go ahead of them.

    I know Soldiers/Cannes and Churchman brook roads are narrow and windy but to the guy driving the F100 towing a boat from Armadale into Roleystone - couldnt you have pulled into the carpark of the dam and let the 5 fire engines behind you with their lights on pass.......IDIOT. #(

    Shops and Restaurants at the intersection of Peet/Soldiers/Brookton Hwy were not damaged.

    To my mates who have lost their houses.....hugs.

    Pam and Aly - big hugs.
  6. Ouzopuppy

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    Big hug to Pam and Ally and everyone else involved.
    We are a bit isolated at our block we don't have TV or internet yet and I was busy painting to music on the weekend so this is the first I have heard of this:(
    So sorry to hear of the property destroyed hopefully averyone got themselves and their family's inculing fur to safety.
    I know we are a long way out of perth but if anyone needs a paddock or two, we have space for cats, dogs, horses, sheep, people and all sorts just let us know and you can come stay with us if you need to get away from it all we have enough space to fit everyone!! And you are all more than welcome.
    PH 0428356018
  7. info on archie

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    A family friend who lives right near Kelmscott High has just informed me that flames are approx 15m from the School.... :(
  8. Jez

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    Must be Kelmscott Primary or Clifton Hills primary - Kelmscott High School is nowhere near the fire - unless its jumped the highway and gone through 4km of suburbia in the last 5 minutes!!
  9. I am at home at the moment, keeping an eye on things - it looks very quiet here, I can't even see smoke now. But animals and child are all out and safe.
  10. sil

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    Okies :) Keep safe
  11. deelee

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    How did you get back in? Or did ou not leave? My parents aren't far from you and it looks like they can't get back.
  12. Jez

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    Good Shepherd primary school on Arbuthnot street is the school currently under threat - students and teachers have been relocated to lumen christy college.
  13. I came back at 8am. I can get to my place via Connell Ave from Tonkin Highway. There is a roadblock on Connell Ave by the oval, not far from our turnoff, so nobody can get closer to Kelmscott than this side of the oval.

    I just came back from Roleystone 10 min ago, Kimaley's street is clear, no roadblocks in place, Chevin Rd is all clear however there are still roadblocks in place at Coventry Rd and The southern end of Cannings Mills Rd is blocked from the Chevin Rd turnoff.
  14. Paddys girl

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    Trying to think of a way I can help out somehow??? Anyone know of anywhere that needs volenteers / hands / anyone who is at the rec centre that might want a bit more comfort? We have a van sitting here empty ?
  15. Sallighted

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    Okays I am now up in Urch Road... firies are let us in to protect my parents place as we have a fire unit.

    We can see a fair bit from our place, the hill between roleystone and clifton hills is raging on fire and it is heading back clifton hill way due to the wind direction... they have 3 helitacs and also ground personell working in the area (bloody big walk up that hill in suits through the dense undergrowth) so it looks like they should have it under control soon.

    Also it has seemed to flair up around contour road area again but there are also firies at that one too which is good.

    Bad news is that I have heard that the sea breeze may be coming in this arvo:( At least with the fire travelling down the hill it is easier to control but if the wind changes it will flame up the hill and take off.
  16. GiGi

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    Does anyone know if people need supplies ? clothing, bedding etc ? I've got a room full at home that was going to good sammy's. I work in Armadale, so it's easy to drop it somewhere.
  17. Sallighted

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    Yes they are required GiGi they can be dropped of at the evac centre in Armadale!
  18. Faxie

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    They just said on 720AM ABC radio that no more donations please they have no room for stuff, money is what they will need...

    Very disappointed in the lack of TV coverages on this, it seems if we are not over east we dont matter! Lucky for ABC radio otherwise people wouldnt have anything except the internet to know what is going on.

    My heart goes out to all affected.

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    Don't know about the news coverage over there but over here you guys are all over the news.

    Unfortunantly considering I'm over here there is not much I can do, I can only send out my well wishes and hope that everyone has stayed safe!
  20. I can see three helitankers (smaller ones) belting across to Champion Lakes from here - they're in a hell of a hurry.

    A small plume of smoke can be seen, its over the hill so I can't see exactly where it is (so thanks to Sallighted for the info) but hopefully they'll have this thing out really soon.

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