Kelleberrin ODE

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Reg81, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    On the 12/13th July.Is any one thinking of going?
  2. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    yerp...posted entries today!
    doing C grade for Gidgegannup.
  3. Raider

    Raider Well-known Member

    Yep im going doing open c grade.

    Went last year is a great event :)*
  4. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    yep have been for the last 4 years now i think it is. emma will be doing C and E pony club. then we are off up to kalgoorlie to camp for the week then doing the gold nugget ode there in the same grades.

    looking forward to it.
  5. Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Well-known Member

    There will be a strong contingent from Kalgoorlie attending Keller this year as a run up to the Golden Nugget ODE.
    The Kalgoorlie riders always enjoy the Keller ODE and enjoy riding over your lovely cross country course.**)
  6. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    will be there only riding 1 horse, haven't been for a couple of years
  7. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    hey anyone, what is the cost of diesel in kellerberrin and kalgoorlie at the moment.

    just thought if i found out now might not die of shock when i see the prices whilst driving. LOL
  8. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    I cant remember diesel but petrol last Monday was $1.66
  9. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Which wasnt much more than Perth.
  10. kelmitch

    kelmitch Well-known Member

    Diesel in Merredin was $189.9 today!
  11. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    So are most people camping on grounds or motels etc.? I thinking of taking cheats way out and staying in one, i'm a sook for the cold
  12. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

  13. Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Well-known Member

    Diesel in Kal is around the $184.9 mark presently.
  14. Reg81

    Reg81 Active Member

    That's almost on a par with Perth, Diesel not much less here
  15. Gold Rush

    Gold Rush Well-known Member

    Gotta feel sorry for the Esperance people, they are paying around $191.3 for diesel!!:mad:
  16. cass

    cass Active Member

    im goin with my boy in E grade... cumin up friday dependin on wat ttym i finish work
    and representing toodyay or if my transfer to different pony clubs have worked i will b representing swan valley
  17. Fotochik

    Fotochik New Member

    I'm going up to give a couple of friends some moral support - AND I will be there to take photos on the Sunday and do a story for Hoofbeats. Maybe a few stockies will appear in the mag!! (which will be by luck because I won't know who is who!)

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