Keeping horses on 5 acres?

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    KT_EQUESTRIAN New Member

    Just wondering where everyone finds the rules for keeping horses on small acreage?

    We are moving onto 5 acres and know we are definitely allowed 2 horses, but we desperately need 3 so one doesn't get separation anxiety while another is at a competition.

    I have heard something that ponies only count as 0.5 of a horse, so if that's true we could have 2 ponies and 1 horse?

    If anyone knows any info, websites etc that would be greatly appreciated!

    The property is in two rocks if that's any help, have also heard you can specially apply for another horse, is that true?

    Thanks :)
  2. Briz

    Briz New Member

    You will need to contact the local council to find out what their rules are :)

    Each Council has different rules and regulations in regards to livestock.

    I live in a council where the limit is 2 per property but the council has no compliance officer (so its only a problem if a complaint is made against you as they do investigate complaints) and is designed as an intense animal husband area so you can apply to have large numbers of horses but there are rules and stipulaitons - ie: each horse must have minimum 3.7x3.7m stable with yard between 50m2 and 100m2 :)

    I am on 2.5 acres ;) most of the properties are between 2 and 5 acres with the occasional Large acreage in-between.

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