Keeping Alpacas and Horses together

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Bon & Ted, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Any thoughts?

    Mum is talking about buying a couple of alpacas, 2 neutered males (wethers ??). They would be kept in the same paddock as my 2 girls.

    Can you do this?

    At my old agistment we sometimes put the Llamas in with the horses, but they're big, scary and tough. I thought Alpacas were timid little things....

    Gosh our paddocks will look funny, 1 yucky pally/white/patchy gangly baby, 1 purple big horse and 2 weird mini camel things *#) I'm glad you can't see our place from the road!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    No reason why they can't be kept together and alpacas will help keep the pasture from going "horse sick" as they will eat the bits the horses don't (to some extent). They aren't as big and tough as Llamas and I have seen horses bully them occasionally but mostly they keep themselves to themselves.
    Be aware though that they need annual shearing which can be an issue if you don't have someon in your area to do it - they need to be tied or sedated so it's not something anyone who has ever shorn a sheep can do. They also need annual Vitamin ADE injections and vaccinations for the same diseases sheep get (tetanus, pulpy kidney and so on - the vaccine is sold in boxes of 500 doses so you'll need a friendly farmer/alpaca breeder to let you have a couple of doses).
  3. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Great thanks for that info Anna E. My mums OH has shorn Alpacas before but his back is a bit effed. Apparantely there is someone in Gidgey that does it anyway.

    That's good info about the injections! Will note that down and let my mum know!
  4. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    I was horrified to see at the royal show how they stake them out to shear them (the one I saw cried like a baby) and decided never to have them, but saw on Zoodays a few weeks back where they sheared theirs standing up. Like all animals, handling them a lot seems to make the difference. In that case maybe you could get some hand shears and tackle the job yourself. Used to hand shear my own sheep. It's quite a fun job if they are tame. :)


  5. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    B&T - we keep wethered alpacas as stock guards & sometimes they end up in with the horses. Lets just say my mare is not a fan but once they have their pecking order sorted they seem to stay out of each others way. Theres nothing timid about ours. I find them quite aloof & ignorant. (I'm not really an alpaca fan)
    We drench ours when our sheep are drenched & vacinate with 6in1 when the ewes have their prelambing needles. Our shearer drugs our & shears them like a sheep. We also trim their hooves once a year.
    Personally I'd never have one as a pet as I've never met an Alpaca yet that has enjoyed being petted. They'll come for food or to suss you out. Maybe I'm missing the connection.

    Mono - just wanted to let you know ours make that horrible sound when ever we handle them. They also like to cover us in as much regurtigated grass as they can. They kick like a horse & are extremely quick at it. It's all noise & bluff. It sounds horrible but you get pretty good at ignoring it.
  6. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    We have 3 alpacas that are permanently in with Elvis, except at night when the alpacas go into a yard and Elvis his stable.
    There is a mother (born in Peru) and her daughter (born on property) and a wether. The mother was probably ok with horses as the local cowboys leave their horses with the herd of alpacas. They will all eat the hay we put out in the paddock for them and mum will graze with Elvis.
    Wether is boss of the 2 females and we're not sure if Elvis didn't agree with this or something else in 2007 but after he was shorn there was a mark on each side of his spine where either Elvis grabbed him or he rolled on a sharp rock or maybe got stuck under a fence tension rod.
    Each year the alpacas are shorn, nails trimmed, bottom teeth trimmed and given an injection of vitamins, tetanus and the alpaca disease (can't remember the name). The mother is the worst when being shorn, she absolutely screams!

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