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  1. Hi There , I have read some of the posts on this forum and good on you guys alot of you are very horse aware .
    We have recently [ Sunday ] got 1.5 horses . One being 14.3 hand paint / quarter horse and the other a 9 hand pony . All was going well till today we went to take them for a walk . Rug off , Holter and lead rope on as we have each day . We get our saddle tomorrow so have been unable to ride Banjo the bigger one until then .
    Banjo has just refused to walk with my wife . I got him to do one lap of our yard approx 2 acres then he was not happy and stopped . I have tried pulling and doing a circle . He did the circle but would not walk forward . When i really tried to pull him straight he walked back a bit and i had to hold his head down as it looked as if he wanted to get up on his back legs .
    He is a good horse approx 10 years old and was perfect when we looked at him and up till now . Even after this occured he let me pick up all of his feet and take the dirt off each foot to see if he had anything in them ?? ;
    I know i have no idea and am not pretending to . But hey everyone has to start somewhere .
    Please if you have any ideas let me know
    Thanks Heaps
  2. retroremedy

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    Sounds like you needs some help with things.....wherever you live try googling for a person that will pop out and give you some horse advice and help. If you are local to Perth there are a number of advertisers on this forum :)
  3. Hi, AAA:)
    And welcome to the forum:)
    If you couldn't pull your horse to move , have you tried to drive it forward?
  4. RVP Horses

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    Welcome to stockyard AAA. You have come to the right place. There is a mine of information to be had.

    Horses are smarter than many people give them credit for. You say you have no idea and the horse clearly knows it lol. I recommend a couple of basic horsemanship lessons. If the horse has started this type of behaviour already and has got away with it, it is very easy for things to get worse very quickly. The horse isn't being nasty or bad, he is purely working out who is the herd leader in this new herd he has found himself in. They will challenge each person until the hierarchy is clearly established and currently he is on top. A couple of pointers will set you on the right path and improve the relationship you have with your new horses. It's not hard, it's just hard to explain in a post. The main thing is to stay safe as many of their challenging behaviours can get dangerous, especially if you are not sure what behaviour to look out for and what to do about it when it happens.
  5. Donski

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    CONGRATULATIONS! You are just at the start of a long, frustrating, expensive, rewarding, relaxing, stressful, funny, dangerous, stimulating, perplexing learning curve.

    Funny creatures horses, with complex personalities and individual quirks that can take a lifetime to learn. I can only reiterate what the others have said about working with some natural horse professionals.
    In the meantime, check out people like Warwick Schiller on YouTube, read Monty Roberts, maybe consider a Parelli course. These are all good places to gain insights into what motivates horses.

    Your horse sounds lovely and it's certainly not a big, unsolvable problem but it will be great to learn where the buttons on your individual horse are located as soon as possible.

    Let us know how it's going.
  6. JustJam

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    Welcome to Stockies AAA :)

    How were they when you rode them before purchasing them? Any issues then? Did you get them vet-checked prior to purchase (I'm wondering if this is a pain issue, although most likely this one is just realising he can get it over you ;)

    I agree with Retro... see if you can get an instructor to come out and give you a hand and assessment - and I'd certainly advise this before you hop on, especially if you are already having issues just leading. Your safety is paramount.

  7. wattle6180

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    Have you contacted their previous Owner? They might be able to help you :)

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