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    Been a while since iv posted on here but here goes,
    Iv had my horse for nearly 8 years, we got to a point of competing 75-80cm confidently(took 5 years to get there though), he then injured himself, and had about 18 months of just messing around, hopping on when I had time maybe 3 times a week max but nothing serious.
    Now iv gone back to wanting to compete, and had forgotten how bad he was.. Hoping for any tips.
    He warms up perfectly, I work on getting him absolutely electric off my aids(as he is a lazy bugger,) let him warm up over higher jumps than the actual competition are(as in the past iv found this gives him more confidence,) made sure I jumped the warm up jump and went straight out into the ring, so he's not standing around to switch off, did one lap of the arena at a strong trot, one lap at a canter playing with his stride keeping him listening while I let him have a look, turned into the first jump.. And all of a sudden get a slow, almost 4 beat canter into the jumps.. That no amount of kicking, hitting, yelling, screaming, (cursing:p ) will change... This is fine while I'm trying to get his confidence back over 45cm jumps, and he was a little better in the second round over 65, but I highly doubt I would've got him over the 65 if that had been my first round.
    He is as responsive as I think he'll ever get at home, was that way in the warmup.. And then just switches off and goes from being a confident horse to a scared little mouse...
    He was always like this when I first got him, very unresponsive, but as we improved at home/ PC etc. he got better.. But I'm a bit lost now as he's perfect at home and in the warmup.. It's just a bit of a ring phobia.
    Hope iv explained it well as I want to get back to competing the higher heights as I'm sure he's capable of doing as he has done before. Help please :confused:

    ETA that I'm fairly sure I don't change the way I ride from the warmup- comp before anyone brings it up. As sure as I can be anyway :p
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    What goes through your mind as you enter the arena?
    And at what point does your horse start to play up?

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