John O'Leary training methods?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Serenity, Feb 15, 2009.

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    anamcara, I can tell you similar stories of every single horse trainer/handler I have ever met. I talk here not just to you but everyone that owns a horse.

    And you are right, John is accessable, so is Parelli and Lyons and Dan James, I have been to a clinic myself and I have had someone who was not part of the clinic, rock up, watch for a while then leave to stir up a whole lot of trouble and claims of abuse.

    No single horse trainer is perfect, no single method will work on every horse, thats why true horse people never stop learning, will take methods and adapt them where and when needed.

    What Mr HP is selling and I commend him for, is a safe starting point for the complete novice.

    A starting point that actually has you out riding the horse, not waiting until you are level 3 before you are deemed good enough to even pat a horse.

    The vast majority of use will never ever achieve the "ultimate" horse human connection, the vast majority of us dont have all day every day and endless money to spend the time to achieve this.

    Most of us just want a safe and sane horse that we can enjoy a quiet ride on.

    Most of us can afford a DVD but cant afford a professional trainer.

    Mr HP's DVD's, and Yes, you really should look to buy ALL of them not just the one or two, as an investment in your own horsemanship, are designed and aimed at making horses safer and more enjoyable for the average horse owner, who may be lucky to own 1 horse in their lives.

    These people do not and never will get to gain that ellusive timing and feel that ONLY comes from hard graft. .......and from making mistakes, at the horses expense and at your own.

    Not one of use was born with perfect timing and feel, its had to be learnt, and along the way horses that we have previously or currently owned have suffered during our having to learn.

    I dont care if you have worked with 1 horse or 10 thousand, you never stop learning, you are only as good as the next time you touch a horse, and anyone that feels they have mastered or perfected anything with horses needs to have a nice long chat with Dr Phil lol.

    My point is, I would rather encourage a newbie to horses to watch a DVD from a professional horseman than take advice on horse training from their equally newbie, but has owned a horse 5 mins longer mate, and have yet another person hurt or killed by a horse, or another horse sent for pet food because they didnt bother to read and watch and learn.

    I would far more encourage a person for seeking advice than to caution them against that advice.

    Mr HP is a fantastic start for some one learning, he is also a fantastic reminder for those of us who have been in the game for a while and have forgoten a few things along the way.

    But so are the other trainers, so are the other advertisers on this forum.

    Be a sponge, learn from everyone, but NEVER let anyone stop you from learning.
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    I absolutely agree, Sharaway. I try to learn from every style, from clicker training to Gawani Pony Boy :) , and everything I learn adds new tools to my ability to work with individual horses. My own leaning is towards positive reinforcement, so clicker, Mark Rashid, Franz Mairinger, folks like that, tend to have more for me, but I don't stop with them. I read and listen to everything and filter out the wheat from the chaff.

    The trick is not to become a cult follower of any one way, and always to keep your own beliefs and ethics behind choices you make for your horses. Only do or allow others to do what makes you comfortable. As you say, that is harder when you don't have enough experience yet to know what you really think is right and wrong when it comes to horse handling and training, but as long as you keep questioning and keep empathy for the horse uppermost, you do get better and hopefully you won't have too many reasons to look back on those early horses and wince. We all wince a bit, I agree. We probably all have some 'expert' in our past who told us to do something to our horse that made us uncomfortable, and we did it because they were the expert, and it haunts us to one degree or another.


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    Sure does Mono.

    These days I look at people who are religious about one method or trainer and wince lol.

    I am an open suporter of Mr Hp because his methods can be used effectively and quickly to make the first time novice horse owner a far better communicator with the horse. Giving the novice owner immeadiate skills to work safely with their horse.

    How can you not applaud openly such work?

    In my years of dealing with horses, clinics, trainers, Equitana's etc, I have yet to see someone be able to deliver to the layman a better and more practical and safer way of getting along with your horse that is not based on having to spend mega bucks to get savvy.

    So HELL yes he is the first person I recommend, but not the last or only.

    Ive been around horses long enough now to know that I still know NOTHING LOL.

    Come round to my house and I an extensive range of DVD's videos and books everything from the good old British riding books that teach you how to make a wisp from straw to Nuno Olivero and the spanish riding school, will I ever do Haute Ecole not likely lol. Do I like to think that I could if I wanted to, ummm Yes lol.

    All of us humans dream of being better horse riders/trainers while the horse dreams only of its next dinner lol.
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    Well said sharaway :)*
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    On his website he recommends the Market Harbourough as a great training tool. Anyone used one or have any thoughts on it?
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    There is a thread about it some where else on here, do a search.
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    Thanks Sharaway.
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    lol, I thought I would be helpful for once lol
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    I've bitten the bullet and ordered a couple of the dvd's: the leg yielding and the inside leg to outside hand and am really looking forward to watching them. I was also sent a nice long document which I haven't had time to read but also looks interesting and informative.
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    You had better add me to that list as usual :) My boy has improved hugely after each clinic with Linda - theres no way i'm missing a lesson with Linda :)
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    You have all been duly noted! Just to re-iterate, I do not have anything in the way of dates etc confirmed yet but promise to let you know when things start moving.

    Mono, you are very correct and make some very valid points. When I bought my first horse, I was given a very valuable piece of advice from the seller:

    "There are SEVERAL right ways to do things with horses" ​

    I would like to think that everyone who owns a horse would give it the option to learn in a different way if the first method hasn't been successful. I've added on to this now, and say that if you try the first seven methods without sucess, INVENT a new one! :))
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    I am sitting in my hotel room in Oklahoma with the wonderful WI -FI able read stockies from afar I feel i have to comment on the posts of this thread.

    I have just spent 5 solid weeks with Ray Hunt and am about to spend 5 days with Buck Brannaman .

    what i have learnt from both of these world wide respected horsemen is that the only religion we should follow is that of the horse!

    we as humans only have opinions the horse will always give you the facts.

    so i think if more people would start to think more from where the horse is coming from than themselves the world would be a much better place for the horse!

    I am not an advocate for any ones methods but only the ones that work for the horse.......and boy the horse will surley tell by expression when on the right track......or not!:D
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    I do like John and Linda's methods. I agisted there for 12 months when we first moved to SA in 2003. I had several lessons with Linda and got a chance to watch them both work on a variety of horses. I honestly dont like the man himself. But that is just me, but I do like the way he finishes a breaker and deals with problem children. I love the method that Linda uses in her lessons and the way that she explains things when you dont understand. I also had the oportunity to meet some of Linda's family that came to stay (from holand)and to learn new methods to help them in the way they train their own horses.

    I would love to have another Lesson with Linda as well. Can you please PM me when it all goes ahead.
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    Well, well well... HELLOO

    Thanks for that Kel!!I agree totally but apparantly needed your back up when in a conversation with a fellow horse person from close by last weekend I was informed that she ONLY RELIGIOUSLY followed Monty.......thats it! She had been to alot of other horsemanship clinics etc but NOTHING was like his training methods.I beg to differ...every horse is different as is every human.Follow the horse and look and listen to what its "SAYING" and dont lecture others on that you are loser if you like PNH or Monty or whatever...because its not about any of THAT its about open minded genuine horse ownership.
    Learn learn listen listen and just because Bill down the road does it like that doesnt mean its right or its the ONLY way to do it.My rant is over.Cheers
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    Hey Dun,
    you have to only feel for the horse when you have the indoctrinated followers of one particular technique.
    being over here in the USA and they have it on tv 7 days a week its a clinicians marketing paradise to suck in the deciphals....
    I WATCH with interest and the only winner is the clinicians pocket.

    What has intrigued me in my recent learnings is the lack of understanding from the human on truly understanding softness and the expression on the inside and out side of a horse ,where the horse wouldn't have it any other way ,where the horse is right in his guts and right in is head.

    To many people bring the horse down to their level instead of rising to the horses level.

    There are HORSEMEN out there in the world who are doing it for the right reasons -FOR THE HORSE !!!!
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    Welcome back to the world of technology Saltriver :)

    Lets face it, we as humans aren't always as easy to teach as horses can be. Some of us aren't ready or capable of following the "higher path" until we learn more in other directions.

    I've been to probably a dozen or so clinics by different clinicians, and read even more books on different "methods" until my head hurts (which happens quite quickly with me...). I've gotten at least one thing out of all of them.

    It's only recently that I've started changing my thinking as well as some of my methods that I've begun to feel that I'm grasping at something that may one day be within my reach. For that I have all the clinicians I've ever been exposed to, to thank.
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    **) No worries Amber! And that is why I'm sure you too are enjoying what you do and having plenty of success. I'm not a disciple of using one and only particular 'method' but take pieces from many of them. It doesn't take long for the horse to soon tell us when something is working or not. :D Keep up your good work down there.
  20. Please add me into the list of people wanting lessons and/or to attend a clinic with the O'Learys!!

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