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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by tammy07, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Couldnt agree more, well said.
  2. springbok

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    I heard on the radio that the jockeys and ARB came to a compromise today with the whip rule in the last 100m - good to hear.

    I might just add - the entire argument with the use of the whip from the jockeys was in regard to their own safety, not about beating horses to win races. There have been a lot of posts about horses needing a whip to win etc. and how it should or shouldn't be banned but surely the safety of those who risk their lives to put these horses on the track (and I take my hat off to the jocks - it's a flippin dangerous job!) should be paramount? Everyone deserves the right to work in a safe environment be it on a mine site, in a shop or on a horse! If the jockeys had an issue with their safety - controlling a 500kg horse at full pace with 12+ other beasts around you and trying to concentrate and count how many times a whip is being used at the same time and have the possibility of not being able to use if in a dangerous situation - and it wasn't listened to by their controlling body then I guess they felt they had no other option than to bring the issue to public attention :confused:. I am not sure however if it gave the issue the publicity they wanted (I agree - to someone with no experience with racing whipping a horse invokes many images of cruelty!!) but it's good to hear it's been sorted and both parties are happy with the compromise :}.
  3. Clerrt

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    Its human nature to defend our own practices without analysing them with emotion uninvolved. We should always strive to improve our own practices. Sadly you cannot improve your practices without unbiased analysis.

    There is no point me expressing my opinions for the reason above.
  4. Jez

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    YAY some sense prevails.....
  5. Jez

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    Hehe.....what a great end to whats been an interesting thread.....who needs jockeys anyway? obv not your horse :p
  6. Pockets

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    LOL obviously not-shes a talented girl!! Glad they resolved things!!
  7. simbin

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    I'm glad they resolved things too. Unfortunately racing is in the public eye and most of the public are seriously uninformed about what race riding entails.

    Shame more of our horse sports are not in the public eye. :p

    Sorry had to say it. :D

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