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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by tammy07, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    My money is on Bob the Builder :}
  2. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    forcing a horse to run over 30 miles with a person on their back?? right so forcing a horse to gallop around a cross country course with a person on their back jumping solid objects sometimes higher that the horse??? hmmmm
  3. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    like eventing child said... try forcing to horse to do ANYTHING, haha!
  4. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    lol agreed agreed
  5. Tblover

    Tblover New Member

    About forcing the animal to run that was from an article not from me.

    Also very good point J&S you do see lots of other horses in different sports break down.
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  6. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Hey just another thought ladies, because this is an industrial action and strikes have happened, while most jockeys agree in principle, its no secret that many feel they had no choice and this theme of the big name jocks being the drivers and financially able to strike......

    Is this going to create a divide amongst the jocks who do agree with how its done and those who dont?

    Remember Shane Dyes 'episode' with Veandercross???

    be interesting to see ....these here are crazy times...(been listening to boom crash opera!)
  7. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    mmmmm very true jez
  8. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    i was have a think about things while cleaning my house today (yuck!!) and what was stopping them from introducing it slowly? ie all 2yr old races, maiden races etc for the first year, then go up through the age groups, classes, etc (dont know what they are called in racing!!) bit by bit so that the jocks and horses can get used to the idea? it would be a bit hard asking a 7yr old who has been ridden in a certain way (ie hunted up coming into the straight to encourage that effort) to suddenly change the way it runs... if that makes sense...
  9. mav

    mav Well-known Member

  10. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    Veandercross lost in a photo finish in the Caulfield cup (cant remember the year), and in most opinions it was because Shane Dye rode him so wide, many believe it was Shane that lost the race. But he came out saying the horse made so much ground, run an awesome race, he stuck to his guns. Just caused a major divide between people involved, alot of people were after his blood.
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  11. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Lol that was one of ours:eek:
  12. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    I felt the need to comment on some of these things. There was a driver fined for incorrect whip action at GP, he threatened to not carry a whip at all. Stewards told him he had to, which he did. The horse certainly wouldn't have been disqualified from the race if he hadn't. If a horse is best driven without a whip, the trainer can ask permission from stewards for the driver not to carry a whip.

    I do agree with you. Eventually whips will be banned from racing. As far as I can see it is inevitable. I can't believe the reaction from some industry participants.

    There are further changes afoot with regards to whip rules in harness racing across Australia. I do believe these changes will make harness racing safer for participants.
  13. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    it will be interesting to see how this pans out (as a non racing industry person)... and what the implications will be for other equine disciplines...

    my only comment was for those who think that you can control a horse lightly when it is adrenalised... im offering both my horses for anyone who wants to try it - feel free to come by. This is not through lack of training or handling btw - one is a farm bred mongrel, the other a winning tb. take your pick.
  14. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    does anyone know how todays meeting went?
  15. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    No further info here - waiting to see, was going to watch sky but fell asleep needing a nanna nap.
  16. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Watched sky and no news to the representative go back to their respective groups.
  17. Dapplegrey

    Dapplegrey New Member

    Believe me Perth trainers will not go on strike and tip our horses out for a spell.We just would not do that to our industry.I am quite mad at our jockey's(Australa wide) the more I think about it.As how it has come across to the public(horsey or non horsey)is a disgrace.Not once have I heard their concern for this beautiful animal (at all)It has come across as if all they want to do is whip their horses more and more.Just all wrong.Look Icould go on forever,we train professionally(Top 10 leading Perth trainers)We have one beautiful boy(by Bletchley Park,for Kimalay)who has won over$700,000 in Perth alone never left the state.Responded more to hands and heel riding,then their is another who in his first 10 starts won 6 with 4 seconds and without whip would not find the line.What I am saying is ,it should of been dealtwith in a better way of wording.Jockey's are professionals.They will ride hands and heels first, before pulling the stick,because sometimes like some of ours, they will go backwards(not try as hard)if they do not like the whip.I agree why non race people, comment how they have,it sounds terrible.But if this goes ahead with a different whip rule,it will not mean they all go out in a race and just use the whip.
  18. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Good on you DG thanks for the confidence in the industry :)
  19. Clever Jev

    Clever Jev New Member

    That was 1992 from memory, mannerism beat him, and then I think he got beaten into 2nd in the MC as well, that being won by Subzero
  20. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member

    Thanks Clever Jev :))

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