it's not much,

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Shandeh, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Jessie_13

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    that's great news...

    I brought my computer through one of the 24month interest free things with GE...I just put the money away each week into my ING account and then when i had enough...bam paid off with one hit, no interest! Now I wish I hadn't just put a deposit on a second hand saddle....could have got a brand newie!!
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  2. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    Yep, am loving the new saddle. Have already paid off 20% and horse is working well. HUGE trot and canter!!! He really is striding out more. Funny though, I feel really insecure when I ride the pony now, cos there's not really all that much of the Wintec 500 that holds you in whereas the Isabell type saddles (I have a Eurohunter FlexRider) are soooo secure and comfy!!!
  3. Cheeki

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    Glad to hear things are going well and are improving for you, Shandeh :)
  4. Pockets

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    The interest rate is actually almost 25% if you don't pay it off-ouch!! Wow wish I hadn't read this thread, I didn't need to know about the 24 months interest free....glad things are working out Shandeh.
  5. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    Yep and that's why I won't take on interest free terms. Putting my new saddle on take-home layby was enough of a stretch, and I know I won't have any interest ever.

    Had my first canter out on Latte alone the day after I got my saddle. He was a bit rushy but nothing out of control. Bolting was what I was worried about, because the last time I cantered him out, that's what happened. But he was good and took care of me, so I'm one step closer to trusting this horse absolutely.
  6. Love Shack

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    Take home layby does have interest - its just added on at the beginning of the purchase (usually 12%) so the payments are worked out at....

    Saddle cost x 1.12 = total cost then divde this by the number of monthly payments.

    GE Credit with interest free DOES have NO interest IF you pay it off in the set period. All you need is a bit of discipline **)
  7. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    What's done is done and tbh I don't think they'd give me credit, I'm only 16 after all. Plus the last thing I need is for something to go wrong, then be unable to pay, and end up with a bad credit rating because of it. My finances are stretched with the paying off of this saddle and at least I know the ladies at Saddleworld will give me a little leeway if my horse hurts himself again, or gets sick, or something. A big company like GE money is less likely to understand that kind of thing.
  8. nannygoat

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    Why on earth should Saddleworld support your lifestyle if you get stuck??

    Your attitude honestly appalls me!
  9. Cornflower

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    Should have thought of that before. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the shop itself, or the people working there, are not the ones lending you the money. It all goes through a money-lender. A big company, which as you put it, doesn't care if your horse gets sick.
    Goodness only knows why you didn't buy something 2nd hand.
    And even more baffling is why your mum doesn't step in and put a hold on all your ideas.

    You keep writing how poor you are, but gees, with all the saddles you've bought, and all the horses you're considering buying, we should all be so lucky. You've no idea what poor is if you can afford all this, or ever consider it. Sick of hearing it.
  10. Heifer

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    Pretty sure if you default on this loan it WILL affect your credit rating
  11. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    I read that the saddle is on layby? One that you can take the saddle away and ride and pay it a lending agency is not involved JUST the poor suckers at Horseland, *mumble*mumble* #(
  12. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    so love the tolerance and acceptance on this website (NOT!!!!)
    you lot are never happy.
    Think it has come down to it doesn't matter what Shandeh posts you are determined that she is in the wrong and you are going to have a piece of her.
    Grow up the lot of you.
  13. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Sugars Mum, are you Shandehs mother?

    What would stop people posting negative comments, is if Shandehs stops putting up these threads!

    They seem contradicting and some what confusing as well! :}

    Instead of sitting on this forum, she could be out working some where, so she can afford to be a saddle and Horse that suits her needs.

    Even out riding her horse and getting lessons, I dont think any advise on the forum, negative or not is helping her at all. #(

    She needs to go out and get some real life help! **)
  14. Teal

    Teal Well-known Member

    I have never heard of take home layby before...what is the deal with that? it sounds to me to be pretty much exactly the same as purchasing on credit, except has no interest free period, is that correct? If someone could enlighten me that would be much appreciated :)
  15. Dont balme the saddle love.....its the rider:} Your position etc will come in time...great riders should be able to ride in any saddle or bareback. My first saddle was 100 all purpose bates saddle...I slouched like crazy.. but my position came in time.

    GE is great I got my Brand new Show caprilli for my hack when I was 17...2500 with 6months and paid it off in 4 months and I was earning 350 a week at Mcdonalds. You put you're mind to it you will be able to too! 5 years later I know I could do it more easily even

    I dont see how saddleworld have done could skip the country...
    I also agree....finances come first....make sure the saddle is paid off ASAP....theres a billion girls in your position who I think saddle world would not care for just you and you're life problems and can easily take the saddle off you.

  16. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    I bought my saddle through Saddleworld on the 12 months interest free thing. The credit is actually through Certegy and not Saddleworld and your payments are deducted from your account so it paid off in the 12 months. It has been a great way for me to afford the saddle I really wanted!
  17. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    It's pretty much a layby but the ladies at Saddleworld know me, know where we are, and Mum and I have a very good reputation around town (ah the benefits of living in a small town), so they said I can have use of the saddle while I'm paying it off.

    The new saddle has actually made a significant difference to my position regardless of the saddle I'm riding in. I can ride in the pony's saddle and though I don't feel as secure, I can shorten my stirrups significantly farther for jumping. The main difference is that the Wintec 500 A/P doesn't hold me in as much as my FlexRider.

    Mum is right though, it feels like even if I do what YOU want me to do, you guys still find reasons to rip into me.
  18. Lauren

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    #( I was going to post a reply but why bother when Jadelise has said it all perfectly!

    **) :)* :))

    Shandeh does NOT listen to advice.
    I don't get why she continues to create threads when she's just going to use the same excuses every time!

    She constantly, constantly contradicts herself!
    I could point out huge contradictions in every thread she has posted.
    For example one at the moment, last thread I read (I tend not to read them now, just wasting my own time) she was saying that she was not going to jump Latte for a few months, and just work on his flatwork. Next thing you read she's already jumping him and wants to know about jumping shows!

    Fine, he's your horse but don't expect everyone to coat it in sugar and say what YOU want them to say when Shandeh continues to post threads asking for advice, than getting her back up and making excuses when she hears something she doesn't want to!

    *Do we have a bang head against wall emotion?*
  19. sambo

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    Stuff a DUCK!!!

    You cares in the how's and why's of shandeh buying a saddle, how she rides her horse or how she wipes her bum. You tell her to get off the forum and do something constructive, i would suggest taking on some of your own advice???

    The girl is 16 years old.

    Shandeh, if you want to change your mind, thats fine, for your age that would be expected. If it where me i wouldn't bother posting on here, catch up with your nice country friends instead!!!:))
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  20. Shandeh

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