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Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by dun, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Tintara

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    Probably because it is a WA based forum :)*
  2. Bloo

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    Lol Tintara It's still a VERY GOOD informative forum :)*
  3. Tintara

    Tintara Well-known Member

    Of course it is ....... **) We're a veritable fount of knowledge and wisdom over here.
  4. Bloo

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    I lived in WA for a Year.....Wasn't really into horses then, but have found the people on this site and the information just wonderful :)* Will reccomend to everyone.....I do LOl:D
  5. wawa85

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    I had a grey part arab mare that had been born bay then greyed out. She has black points on her legs, a dorsal stripe and frosted tail, her dam was born buckskin then greyed out, the sire was born chestnut. Both the sire and dam were from a long line of horses without a obvious dilute factor i.e the majority were either chestnut or bay or greyed out. It is interesting how these markings can crop up. By no means was my mare a dun or buckskin, she just carried 'old' type bloodlines. She also had a peculiar facial marking know as a 'blood tear' a large chestnut coloured blotch beneath her near eye, a common marking in her bloodlines.
  6. mamma mia

    mamma mia New Member

    Tintara, the imported Perlino Dun had a grey dam, and although the owners were told by a 'colour genetic expert' that their Perlino couldn't be grey as he wasn't born grey (go figure that one out... since when does a grey get born grey???), he has, in fact, tested positive for the grey gene and five of his six first crop foals are also positive for grey. Luckily, he's such a nice horse, that they'll find an excellent niche market for good horses that are dilutes going grey - QH people love dilutes and love greys, so a horse that can throw only dilutes, half of which go grey, will have a good following. The dun factors on his foals that are going grey are just remarkable - some of the loudest leg striping and shoulder barring I've ever seen as grey emphasises the dun factors. (Pats to Lucky and the crew, by the way, and a whinny to you from Chandra who is going very nicely under saddle and now has shoes on.)

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