Is this greasy heel?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by equinetamer, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Have been battling this for a few days now, thinking it was greasy heel. Heard a lot of horses at my agistment have it, so went to check theirs out and they look totally different. They have hair loss, and therefore pink skin showing. My little guy has none. Just these little things. Hes not in a wet paddock either.

    Now im thinking it might actually be fly bites, more specifically stable flies, as he is getting bugged by them on the area of the bumps.


    Actions So Far
    - soaked and gently got bits off. Put betadine and then once that was dry put white healer
    - stopped pulling scabs, put very dilute sulphur/vaseline mix (5grams sulphur to 100 grams vaseline, then today put 10grams)
    - since realised might be flies and have no idea if im right or wrong so dont want to take further action till I know more information
    - whippersnippered long grass in paddock and moved manure away from high traffic areas.

    So whats the verdict - flies or greasy heel? Or something else? ';'

    edit: old photo has spread all over foot. All feet have them as well.
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    I can't really see the picture clearly on my phone but either way it won't hurt to treat it as greasy heel and that is what I would do. Even if it's fly bites greasy heel treatment should help heal them up, perhaps fly spray his legs after?
  3. I'd say greasy heal . All your treatments are perfect. White healer is excellent for greasy heel :)*

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